Friday, October 12, 2012

Superheroes ARE Real!

I hear these misconceptions that people believe, that Superheroes only exist in fiction. And that that's why some Real Life Superheroes feel obligated to have to put "Real Life" before their titles, because doing so is what they believe separates it from a Fictional Superhero.

And granted that it is true that what is a Real Life Superhero can mean something different to each person. And granted an official definition classifies it as "A benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman." - and that definition isn't wrong, but it's not complete. Who ever wrote it was a person who didn't look at the whole forest, and rather just a tree, so to speak. That person was just a person, as am I. And when I look at the different words involved, and their meanings, I have concluded that the term "Superhero" can apply to real life. It doesn't even need the "real life" to be what means it's real. Superheroes, to put it simply, ARE real.

There will be people who say stuff like "Superheroes are just Heroes with superpowers, and thus, that makes it fictional." - in fiction, what it has been popularized as by writers, yes. Those writers are real people, with real ideas, just overexaggerating the superpowers of the Superheroes for the sake of entertainment and inspiration. And if their only definition was "Heroes with superpowers" then their title would instead be "Superpowered Heroes".

When you look at the difference between a Model and a Supermodel, a Supermodel isn't a Model with Superpowers.

The word "Super" often refers to being above and beyond in skill, quality, or ability. And the word "Power" means the ability to do something. So, technically some of the strongest, toughest, fastest, smartest people in the world could technically be considered to have Superpowers. And then there's also the possibility of the existence of psychic powers, and other magical abilities, if you believe in that sort of thing - as for me I do - and for very good reasons too.

And then you have those who are Heroes, and that they're very good at what they do - like the U.S. Marines and other Special Forces Units and such. Some of them have even been labelled by the media as Real Life Superheroes. But obviously, from what I'm telling you, the "Real Life" goes without saying. It's not part of the title, it's just the description of the title.

Superheroes have been popularized in fiction for decades now. Superheroes in real life have existed for some decades too, but haven't been brought as closely in to the mainstream until recent years. So of course, to distinguish the difference until people get used to it, some will say "Real Life" before "Superhero", until people get the hang of it.

Most people will agree on a general idea on WHAT a Hero/Superhero is or isn't - but will more often than not disagree on WHO is or isn't a Hero/Superhero.

I personally don't believe everyone can be a Hero nor a Superhero. Because if everyone was one, then nobody would be. Everyone would have those skills, everyone would have those ideals and do those great things, and what was once super would be regular and who were heroes would just be regular people. So, it would then just be considered being a regular person. However, not everyone chooses that. Not many people believe it's even possible. JUST because they saw it in fiction they assume it can't be done in real life.

The thing is, that you can choose to do heroic things. You can train your skills in areas that will help you as a superhero. Go above and beyond the call of duty in both your training/studying AND in your actions. It's possible. And even if it weren't, Superheroes were never the kind of people who do things because it's possible. They're ready to redefine what is possible by going against the odds for the sake of protecting people, and fighting evil, and saving the world, because it's needed.

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