Friday, November 25, 2022

The New York Initiative is Evil

The New York Initiative began to set up in mid late 2009. It was Zimmer, Z (who was later known as Zero, Jack Cero, Johnny Crowley, and D3V1L), TSAF, and Lucid. Since I lived in an area of New Jersey where I could quickly and easily get to New York City, I met up with them a few times. I never met Lucid as he wasn't there in New York City yet. Sir Steampunk (who I heard passed away some years later) was going to move there, but there was some personal drama between him and Zimmer (big surprise, not) so he decided not to move to New York City.

I wasn't a member, just an ally. Z always gave me very bad vibes, even from when I first heard about him and saw his picture online a year or two prior, I instantly knew he was someone that was eventually going to try to cause me problems and tell people bad things about me, no matter what I did. Like there was nothing I could do to stop it. Did you ever get mad at someone not for what they did but for what you know they are going to do, and you kind of get mad at yourself for not doing more to stop it even though you know you couldn't have, regardless of which decisions you made. Even if you gave up all dignity and self respect and bowed down to them, you knew they would still dedicate their life to trying to turn people against you because of something you said or did, or would say or do, that they deemed a mistake.

It's been said to have a mind like a serpent but a heart like a dove. When I met Z in real life in New York City, we did have some really deep interesting conversations. I could tell by his mannerisms, and communication patterns that he is definitely the sociopath be claimed to be. I myself even said or did some odd things deliberately when I met him because I knew I had to test his reactions, and what I learned about him is that in real life he starts out very friendly and likeable and complimenting and making people think very highly of themselves, but then later on once he thinks he has your respect and loyalty he will start to give critiques to you about yourself.

One example. A driver who accidentally almost hit me when he wanted to drive past the red light and beeped and yelled at me (he was clearly hyped up on crack or red bull something) and I yelled back, then he yelled back again and we are yelling bad words at each other and threatening each other but then light turns green and then he speeds across the main street and I run after him yelling hysterically at him and saying bad words and very bad things and chase him through traffic, magically avoiding getting hit by any cars, so when he got stuck in traffic I walked right up to his drive side window, smiled and waved at him. I was there, ready for him in case he wanted to fight me. But he just smiled and waved back, so I walked back to where I was. Zero has a big smile on his face, laughing he says to me "Now I know what we can use you for. If we ever need to fucking kill somebody!" - ironically that was actually my favorite memory of him.

Anyway, at this time in late 2009, Zimmer had been running the Heroes Network all year long, which I founded and previously ran for two years from 2007 to 2009. He and I were having some disagreements about the Heroes Network. It was no longer a good place anymore. What used to seem like a Heavens Network became like a Hells Network.

Fast forward some weeks. Zero told me there was gonna be a meeting at his house. I said I wouldn't be able to make it, yet I might have actually showed up anyway. But when he said to me "it's mandatory" I told him "Dude, I'm not part of your team. I'm just an ally. I network, that's what I do." then he's like "you're a reserve member" I said "No, I never agreed to that." Actually, people who knew me back then knew I always even went out of my way to make it known I operate independently, yet still willing to help out others when needed.

Zero literally began to make threats against my life, and also many countless other horrible evil threats. I told him multiple times to come and get me, and he just said "lol" but he's too much of a coward to do that, or maybe his staying away would actually suggest that he's smarter than I had given him credit for. But at that time when I told others, many people in the RLSH Community showed me how evil and fake they were when they sat on the fence and "stayed neutral" to such evil. Or if anything, got mad at me for "spreading drama" despite having my life threatened.

I'll never forget after Z/Zero got banned from Zetamans forum. In 2010 he went crying to him in Tea Krulos' blog, he was like "You ask anyone, ANYONE, and they will tell you I'm the most fair person in the world." BULLSHIT! Nice guy Zetaman let's Z back in, who immediately started his shit again.

In early 2011, I tried to make peace with Zimmer and Zero. But instead they made a LIE to the hospital that I was planning to kill myself. After that I was actually planning at that time to go pay Zimmer and Zero a little visit. I told their team mate Samaritan, who suggested to let him mediate first. So I reluctantly agreed. He calls them, and a little while later calls me back, and said they agreed to leave me alone if I left them alone. I agreed. It sounded fair enough.

I didn't use internet on computer too much that year. I mostly used Facebook on my phone. This was still a flip phone. Months later when I did go on computer, I found out Zero never stopped his talking shit. So I called up Samaritan, and told him they never stopped. He said he quit their team a while ago because of how bad those people are. He explained all kinds of evil things about them.

The next few years, I'd see a lot of good people randomly having to leave the Real Life Superhero Community. They explained someone threatened their secret identities. When I asked them I found out it was him. And it wasn't just that. He's made all kinds of threats to countless different people. That's why for some years it was mostly left with low quality, watered down wannabes, with evil agendas. Good people and real heroes were hated, and the fakes and bad people were glorified.

The New York Initiative was featured in the Superheroes HBO Documentary. And all that stuff they said about wanting to be good people and help others was completely false. They put on this fake nice guy image for the cameras, yet in real life are some of the rudest, most evil people you'd ever meet.

Zimmer is gone now, mostly forgotten and not missed at all. When he is remembered, it's like how an evil dictator is remembered.

Zero is still around, calling himself Johnny Crowley on Facebook, but "D3V1L" other places. Fitting name. He's FALSELY preaching of and boasting about his "De-Escalation" techniques, even though all he has ever done was try to escalate the most hostile disputes out of thin air. I called him out on that, he made more threats that the stupid little scaredy cat instantly deleted out of fear when I informed him I kept screenshots of it. Then he blocked me. The funny thing about that is before all of this he lied and told people I was afraid of him. FAR from it. He's goofy and nerdy. Him blocking me shows HE is afraid of ME. He's the most toughest talking sissy boy I ever knew. When I met him I felt like I met some silly stupid clown. At first I actually thought he was a little slow in the head, but I believe he's very likely to be autistic. Not that I'm condemning autistic people, as they can mean infinitely different things but in his case it isn't good.

Just recently Mr. Wannabe De-Escalator accused Master Legend of being a "bigot". A widely misused word, which by actual definition refers to someone with intolerance toward others with different opinions and or beliefs. But people use it to describe people who don't support the LGBTQ Community. Then he dared to question Master Legend's friendship with Superhero. Master Legend, Superhero, and I were all friends before the RLSH Community became like an actually big thing. From what I noticed, people tend to form their opinions on any 3 of us not as much by how they interact with us themselves, but rather how they're told to think by others.

The New York Initiative needs to be shut down.