Saturday, November 18, 2023

Heroism Belongs to God

1 Chronicles 29:11
Thine, O Lord is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as head above all.

Psalm 46:10
Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Those are some verses to explain what I mean. I notice a lot of misconceptions said within the Real Life Superhero Community, in the part of the Community that I really don't even refer to as the actual Real Life Superhero Community. SHINO's. Super Heroes In Name Only. As I mentioned in another blog post, there are two superhero communities. The real war of heroism versus villainy, and good versus evil, is NOT like in fiction where one side is obviously good and the other side is obviously evil - at least not to the general public as a whole. In real life, both sides fight for the right to be called good and heroic. And then there's some people that want both sides to work together in harmony. But do you want the water you drink to be mixed together in harmony with poison?

Misconceptions I see a lot are when people say dumb things like "it doesn't matter what religion you are" or "respect all religions." Well, actually it does matter that you believe the truth. And what respect should the truth give to a lie?

Here is a dumb post from someone.
That's another misconception. Some people act like we get to decide which God created us. But we don't.

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

10- And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11- And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12- That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Some will argue that Jesus said not to judge. And that's right. I'm not seeking to punish people for having a wrong belief. That's up to God. But I am seeking to discern what the truth is about God. Remember, even Jesus is said to have flipped tables when people gambled at church, and He confronted the pharisees for being self righteous hypocrites.

Matthew 21:12-13

12 And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves,

13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

The reason I talk about God is not because I'm good, but because God is good. Often when someone does something good they say "Look at what I did." But if something bad happens they blame God. That's backwards logic.

Some people think "well, as long as you're a good person who does good that's all that matters." Well if you think that then read this verse.

Isaiah 64:6

But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

Heroism belongs to God. Not people who twist the truth. And not to any popular people everyone likes and speaks well of.

Luke 6:26

Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

Beware of those people everyone always speaks well of. If you really get to know them they're usually well liked because they never are willing to be hated for standing for what is right. They just want to please everyone. But you can't please everyone. By making nobody angry, you also won't make anyone happy.

I can't speak for others, but I don't believe I was born to be a silent spectator to just simply watch the world happen like some mindless robot. But that's not because I'm good. But because God is good.

I'm asserting (and it goes even without me doing so, but I'm asserting anyway) that God the creator and ruler of all things, decides what is heroic. Everything else is just people's opinions, which allows some to try to call evil "good", and good "evil". All heroic actions are meant to give glory to God, who sends us and works through us, not to the one doing the good deed. If your friend sends you a gift in the mail do you send a thank you card to the mailman who delivered it and ignore the one who actually sent it? Heroism is the same way in that it's all thanks be to God Almighty.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Vision of Two Superhero Communities

My dreams show me visions of things which could be spiritual or symbolic, but represent what is here in the physical world, both what I've seen in both fiction and real life, with amplified perceptions to really describe how things really are, as someone can see if they have sight beyond sight.

In the vision of the one superhero community, they all appear so good and great and mighty, so much that when I'm around them I literally think of myself as so lowly and worthless and weak and bad and just plain no good at all. And I feel completely and utterly hopeless as if there's no chance of redemption. But though they have the appearance and reputation of being so good, on the inside they have a demonic level of hatred for me. They focus more on my bad traits and hate me even for my good and bad traits. The hatred leaves such a bad vibe in the air there is an indescribable stench of it that burns. They are overall just filled with hatred, jealousy, and pride. They're very self righteous. The only people they do like are the ones everyone else is talking good about. And if you're attacked, they usually won't defend you (maybe only physically defend you if it will somehow make them look good). They may even say they're staying out of it because they hate drama. But while they will ignore hundreds if not thousands or more attacks against you, the second you fight back, or even say you will, or even say any slight insult back, they're on you like white on rice. These types usually either hate God, or don't believe in Him. Or, some of them claim they believe in Him but are soft, lukewarm, moderate Christians who don't follow Him too seriously.

There is another superhero community I see in the dreams where there could be so many of us in a normal size room, yet for some reason it doesn't feel crowded at all. These people give me this incredible feeling that they are really on my side, regardless of my good or bad traits. They really see the good in me and accept me as I am. I see them all as interesting but not like they're better than me but like they're all interesting and important in their own unique ways. These people are filled with love, both for God and others around them. It doesn't mean they won't have enemies but they only fight them to protect people. If they are your friend, they are willing to be hated by countless people just to be your friend and defend you. They rarely get much credit for what they do.

The difference between them is the fake superheroes are under worked and over appreciated, and the actual superheroes are over worked and under appreciated. I don't mean literal job work, but like actual superhero training, knowledge, and activities. And when I refer to how they see or treat me, it's not just me but also to others.

Although fictional, that picture is a representation of two actual superheroes meeting and idolizing a fake superhero.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Tothian VS. Devil of Brooklyn Soundtrack

One day, there could be comic books and movies written about the epic war between the real life superhero known as Tothian versus the real life supervillain known as Devil of Brooklyn. We have been at war in both the physical and spiritual realm for thousands of years although time doesn't really exist in spiritual realm, but now born into human bodies our battle of good versus evil has manifest into the physical realm.

In each movie, there are soundtracks. Here are a list of songs that would be in that movie.

-One Slip and it's Doomsday by Master Legend
-Collide, by Howie Day
-Let's Get Retarded, by Black Eyed Peas
-I won't back down by Tom Petty
-Devil of Angel by Bobby Vee
-Eye in the Sky, by Alan Parsons Project
-In Too Deep, by Genesis
-Chosen Ones, by Dream Evil

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Tothian Website

That's my main website with all kinds of information about me, and lists to all of my social media profiles, many links, a way to contact me, information about me, and also an FAQ consisting of lists of questions either that people have asked me, might ask me, or just funny cool stuff. There are also pictures of me on there, and a page with a list of books I recommend reading. Also links of how anyone who wants to can donate money to me, of course to be used how I decide. I can't promise refunds, so only donate if you really want to.

Anyway there is also a list of groups I run, with information about them, in case anyone is wondering about them, or needs our help, or wants to join us.

Friday, November 25, 2022

The New York Initiative is Evil

The New York Initiative began to set up in mid late 2009. It was Zimmer, Z (who was later known as Zero, Jack Cero, Johnny Crowley, and D3V1L), TSAF, and Lucid. Since I lived in an area of New Jersey where I could quickly and easily get to New York City, I met up with them a few times. I never met Lucid as he wasn't there in New York City yet. Sir Steampunk (who I heard passed away some years later) was going to move there, but there was some personal drama between him and Zimmer (big surprise, not) so he decided not to move to New York City.

I wasn't a member, just an ally. Z always gave me very bad vibes, even from when I first heard about him and saw his picture online a year or two prior, I instantly knew he was someone that was eventually going to try to cause me problems and tell people bad things about me, no matter what I did. Like there was nothing I could do to stop it. Did you ever get mad at someone not for what they did but for what you know they are going to do, and you kind of get mad at yourself for not doing more to stop it even though you know you couldn't have, regardless of which decisions you made. Even if you gave up all dignity and self respect and bowed down to them, you knew they would still dedicate their life to trying to turn people against you because of something you said or did, or would say or do, that they deemed a mistake.

It's been said to have a mind like a serpent but a heart like a dove. When I met Z in real life in New York City, we did have some really deep interesting conversations. I could tell by his mannerisms, and communication patterns that he is definitely the sociopath be claimed to be. I myself even said or did some odd things deliberately when I met him because I knew I had to test his reactions, and what I learned about him is that in real life he starts out very friendly and likeable and complimenting and making people think very highly of themselves, but then later on once he thinks he has your respect and loyalty he will start to give critiques to you about yourself.

One example. A driver who accidentally almost hit me when he wanted to drive past the red light and beeped and yelled at me (he was clearly hyped up on crack or red bull something) and I yelled back, then he yelled back again and we are yelling bad words at each other and threatening each other but then light turns green and then he speeds across the main street and I run after him yelling hysterically at him and saying bad words and very bad things and chase him through traffic, magically avoiding getting hit by any cars, so when he got stuck in traffic I walked right up to his drive side window, smiled and waved at him. I was there, ready for him in case he wanted to fight me. But he just smiled and waved back, so I walked back to where I was. Zero has a big smile on his face, laughing he says to me "Now I know what we can use you for. If we ever need to fucking kill somebody!" - ironically that was actually my favorite memory of him.

Anyway, at this time in late 2009, Zimmer had been running the Heroes Network all year long, which I founded and previously ran for two years from 2007 to 2009. He and I were having some disagreements about the Heroes Network. It was no longer a good place anymore. What used to seem like a Heavens Network became like a Hells Network.

Fast forward some weeks. Zero told me there was gonna be a meeting at his house. I said I wouldn't be able to make it, yet I might have actually showed up anyway. But when he said to me "it's mandatory" I told him "Dude, I'm not part of your team. I'm just an ally. I network, that's what I do." then he's like "you're a reserve member" I said "No, I never agreed to that." Actually, people who knew me back then knew I always even went out of my way to make it known I operate independently, yet still willing to help out others when needed.

Zero literally began to make threats against my life, and also many countless other horrible evil threats. I told him multiple times to come and get me, and he just said "lol" but he's too much of a coward to do that, or maybe his staying away would actually suggest that he's smarter than I had given him credit for. But at that time when I told others, many people in the RLSH Community showed me how evil and fake they were when they sat on the fence and "stayed neutral" to such evil. Or if anything, got mad at me for "spreading drama" despite having my life threatened.

I'll never forget after Z/Zero got banned from Zetamans forum. In 2010 he went crying to him in Tea Krulos' blog, he was like "You ask anyone, ANYONE, and they will tell you I'm the most fair person in the world." BULLSHIT! Nice guy Zetaman let's Z back in, who immediately started his shit again.

In early 2011, I tried to make peace with Zimmer and Zero. But instead they made a LIE to the hospital that I was planning to kill myself. After that I was actually planning at that time to go pay Zimmer and Zero a little visit. I told their team mate Samaritan, who suggested to let him mediate first. So I reluctantly agreed. He calls them, and a little while later calls me back, and said they agreed to leave me alone if I left them alone. I agreed. It sounded fair enough.

I didn't use internet on computer too much that year. I mostly used Facebook on my phone. This was still a flip phone. Months later when I did go on computer, I found out Zero never stopped his talking shit. So I called up Samaritan, and told him they never stopped. He said he quit their team a while ago because of how bad those people are. He explained all kinds of evil things about them.

The next few years, I'd see a lot of good people randomly having to leave the Real Life Superhero Community. They explained someone threatened their secret identities. When I asked them I found out it was him. And it wasn't just that. He's made all kinds of threats to countless different people. That's why for some years it was mostly left with low quality, watered down wannabes, with evil agendas. Good people and real heroes were hated, and the fakes and bad people were glorified.

The New York Initiative was featured in the Superheroes HBO Documentary. And all that stuff they said about wanting to be good people and help others was completely false. They put on this fake nice guy image for the cameras, yet in real life are some of the rudest, most evil people you'd ever meet.

Zimmer is gone now, mostly forgotten and not missed at all. When he is remembered, it's like how an evil dictator is remembered.

Zero is still around, calling himself Johnny Crowley on Facebook, but "D3V1L" other places. Fitting name. He's FALSELY preaching of and boasting about his "De-Escalation" techniques, even though all he has ever done was try to escalate the most hostile disputes out of thin air. I called him out on that, he made more threats that the stupid little scaredy cat instantly deleted out of fear when I informed him I kept screenshots of it. Then he blocked me. The funny thing about that is before all of this he lied and told people I was afraid of him. FAR from it. He's goofy and nerdy. Him blocking me shows HE is afraid of ME. He's the most toughest talking sissy boy I ever knew. When I met him I felt like I met some silly stupid clown. At first I actually thought he was a little slow in the head, but I believe he's very likely to be autistic. Not that I'm condemning autistic people, as they can mean infinitely different things but in his case it isn't good.

Just recently Mr. Wannabe De-Escalator accused Master Legend of being a "bigot". A widely misused word, which by actual definition refers to someone with intolerance toward others with different opinions and or beliefs. But people use it to describe people who don't support the LGBTQ Community. Then he dared to question Master Legend's friendship with Superhero. Master Legend, Superhero, and I were all friends before the RLSH Community became like an actually big thing. From what I noticed, people tend to form their opinions on any 3 of us not as much by how they interact with us themselves, but rather how they're told to think by others.

The New York Initiative needs to be shut down.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Impact is a Real Life Supervillain

The guy who goes by Impact, AKA Carter Impact is a liar who falsely claims to be a real life Superhero, despite the fact that he's one of the most evil villains there is. I remember when he first came around and said he took advice from SkyMan I knew he was a joke. But the more I read about the things he said and stands for, showed me that he is a very evil AND foolish man - a bad combination right there.

Since then, he has supported evil terrorist groups like Antifa, and BLM. And when a march occured near him protesting the overturn of Roe V. Wade, he joined them because he actively supports abortion, which is murdering babies with spirits who can breathe, think, and feel. A decision that women usually regret and are traumatized by for the rest of their lives. And then he tried to use religion to justify abortion, ignoring the fact that God hates abortion.

He also constantly posts pro gun control propaganda on his Twitter, despite the fact that people need to be able to defend themselves. Sure, someone can post a story where someone with a gun was mugged, while leaving out other facts in order to manipulate the readers into supporting gun control.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” -Thomas Jefferson

I am sick of good being called evil, and evil being called good. Stop worshipping false idols like him, and stop condemning real heroes. If you take any type of evil, he's the kind of guy who would be able to justify it. If you take any kind of real good, he's the kind of guy who would find a way to condemn it.

He's the kind of guy who if a father killed someone who raped his daughter, he's the type of evil asshole to say "he should be put in prison for breaking the law". Sometimes the law is good, and sometimes the law is evil. I don't support evil. But any RLSH whose main allegiance to the law first, above morality, is pure evil. And it is whiny weak liberal progressive men like him that they say create bad times.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

John Quincy Adams: Unsung Hero of American History

John Quincy Adams, who isn't one of those Presidents you know as much about from history class. He isn't one of the more talked about Presidents. He's not who you usually hear about as an answer when you ask a random person who their favorite U.S. President is. Although if you do pay attention to history, he might be one of our smartest - if not THE smartest - U.S. President. Yet it isn't his Presidency where he achieved his greatest accomplishments. It might have been everywhere BUT the Presidency. In his other jobs he was given more power and respect, which allowed him to achieve more of what he set out to accomplish. During his entire Presidency, he had to deal with accusations of a "corrupt bargain" which caused many to oppose him and his political agenda, and even caused him to lose his supporters in the House and Senate during the 1826 midterm elections, and even his own re-election in 1828.

Now that I've given you a brief summary, let me tell you about this great American who is truly an unsung hero that I wish more people especially Americans knew more about so that they too could appreciate his accomplishments and give him his rightful place in commonly known history.

He was born on July 11th, 1767. His father was also a future U.S. President, John Adams. Not to change subject, but in 2018 at a Second Amendment rally, I met a descendant of theirs 7x and 8x great grand daughter of theirs, and got a picture with her.
You can literally tell by looking at her that she bears some resemblance to her ancestors the two Adams' Presidents. That could always just be coincidental but I don't think it is.

Anyway, while not old enough to fight in the American Revolution, he did witness some of the battles that took place. While not old enough to actually be one of the Founding Fathers, he worked for one of them at the time. At the age of 6, while John Adams Sr. was a type of Ambassador (of other known titles such as Minister Plenipotentiary or Commissioner) to France, he chose his son John Quincy Adams to be his Secretary. So JQA had an earlier head start into his life of politics, specifically in the area of foreign policy. His father had a tutor or tutors for his son to provide him with the best education someone could possibly receive. I believe due to lack of technological distractions that we have today, education was taken far more seriously back in those days. You would notice this by the way they phrased their sentences in those older books from back in those days. Anyway, by the age of 10, he could read, write, speak, understand, and translate even classic novels, in four different languages. And if that isn't impressive enough, he graduated from Harvard (of all places) - at age 19 (of all ages) - and with honors (the icing on the cake).

At age 26, while his father was serving as the Vice President of the United States under George Washington, the President selected John Quincy Adams to be an Ambassador to The Netherlands, a job he initially chose to refuse, until his father convinced him that it would be a good idea to accept the job. He held that position and also later simultaneously Ambassador to Portugal until the end of George Washington's second term as President, and when the senior John Adams succeeded Washington as the 2nd President of the United States, John Quincy Adams spent the entire four years of his father's one Presidential term as Ambassador to Prussia, which later in the year 1835 would eventually be known as Germany. When he returned to the United States, Thomas Jefferson was now President.

For the first few years of the Jefferson Presidency, John Quincy Adams became a member of the Bucket Brigade, as all able bodied men were part of. For those who don't know what that is, it was a volunteer firefighter group. For one year, John Quincy Adams served as a State Senator in the Massachusetts State Legislature, before that same legislature elected him to serve as their U.S. Senator, back before Senators were directly elected by the people of that state. In the Senate he defied the very Federalist Party that he was a member of at the time, and the party which got him elected to the Senate. He was the only Federalist in the Senate to support the Louisiana Purchase. He also sided with President Thomas Jefferson (who was of the Democratic-Republican Party) on a trade embargo against the United Kingdom, when at the time the Federalist Party took a friendlier approach toward the British, while the Democratic-Republicans were friendlier toward France. By June of 1808 when John learned that the Massachusetts State Legislature elected his successor, he abruptly resigned out of spite.

Later next year, he was chosen to be Ambassador to Russia. During that time, he was sent as part of a delegation to Great Britain to end the War of 1812 - although in 1814. He successfully negotiated the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war. In 1815, he became the Ambassador to Great Britain, in which he spent most of his time helping stranded American sailors and prisoners of war.

In late 1817, President James Monroe selected John Quincy Adams to be his Secretary of State. By this time, the incumbent President and his two immediate predecessors served as Secretary of State, though Thomas Jefferson served as Vice President in between his stints as Secretary of State and President. John Quincy Adams' biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State was his authoring and successful negotiating of the Monroe Doctrine, which allowed Spain to continue to colonize in South America in the countries they already owned, while keeping them from doing so to any more countries beyond that. It was considered the greatest foreign policy success of the 19th century.

In 1824, due to the last 8 years of the Monroe Presidency being known as the "Era of Good Feelings", which resulted in the dissolvement of the Federalist Party, and the Democratic-Republican Party being the one party in control, all four of the Presidential Candidates were of the Democratic-Republican Party. The results had Andrew Jackson winning a plurality of both the popular and electoral vote, with John Quincy Adams winning second place in both, William Crawford winning fourth place in popular vote but third in the electoral vote, and Henry Clay winning third place in popular vote, but fourth place in the electoral vote. In order to win the Presidency, one must win a majority of the electoral votes, not merely just the most with a plurality. So when no candidate receives a majority, the top 3 (or 2 in case of a tie) candidates in the electoral vote are then chosen amongst the House of Representatives. Each state gets one vote. For each state, all of their U.S. Representatives in that states delegation vote and which ever candidate wins the most votes in that state, that state casts their vote for that candidate. The eliminated candidate was Henry Clay, who just happened to be the incumbent Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. While a Speaker cannot force who anyone votes for, there is a lot of respect and influence that comes with that job, and so while John Quincy Adams has had meetings with Henry Clay, it has been thought to be common knowledge that a deal was made and if Henry Clay was to help John Quincy Adams win the election through the House vote, that he would then select Henry Clay as his Secretary of State. And that's exactly what happened.

Andrew Jackson initially believed he had won the election, so when he learned that that had not happened, and that John Quincy Adams had been elected instead, and that Henry Clay was chosen as Secretary of State, and knowing that there was meetings between the two men, he began to complain of a "corrupt bargain" and continued to do so all throughout John Quincy Adams' duration in the White House, which damaged the Presidents reputation and held him back from being able to accomplish a lot of what he set out to accomplish, and caused him to lose most of his supporters in the House and Senate during the 1826 midterm election. Which made his last two years in the White House amongst the most difficult for any POTUS. Some of his ideas were good too, such as wanting to create a national highway. He did reduce the national debt by $11 million dollars during his four years, which went from $16 million to $5 million. And one of my personal favorite things he did, was after the murder of Captain William Morgan, a man who was killed by freemasons for exposing their secrets - John Quincy Adams waged his own personal war on Freemasonry. A few of his famous quotes regarding them:

"I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the Order of Freemasonry, if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils under which the Union is now laboring ... a conspiracy of the few against the equal rights of the many ...Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong - essentially wrong - a seed of evil, which can never produce any good."

"It's promise is light while it's performance is darkness."

This is why he's one of my personal favorites. Where as many Presidents were involved with directly or indirectly secret societies associated with the Illuminati, and many of them glorified as great men because of that - John Quincy Adams fiercely opposed them. He had little if anything to gain, and everything to lose, by exposing them. Yet he did it because it's the right thing to do. It doesn't matter how popular they are because good and evil is not determined by popular majority but rather by God Almighty.

Anyway, it goes without being said that with the end of Monroe's second term and the beginning of John Quincy Adams' term, the Era of Good Feelings had ended. Andrew Jackson formed the Democratic Party, and John Quincy Adams was considered part of the National Republican Party, but considered himself an Independent Republican.

In slightly less than relevant news I want added for the record, because it's historically worth noting, John C. Calhoun in 1824 ran as the Vice Presidential running mate of both John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, and with their electoral votes combined won an outright majority, therefore immediately becoming Vice President-Elect, following the counting of votes of U.S. Voters and Electoral College. Had this occured any time within the first few Presidential elections, John C. Calhoun would have been elected President. As for which candidate would have been elected his Vice President would have been determined by factors admittedly mostly beyond my knowing. Although I would honestly guess that he might have done more to help Andrew Jackson, with whom he was more politically aligned with, which became evident in the next election of 1828, when the Vice President ran as the running mate of Andrew Jackson, and Treasury Secretary Richard Rush was chosen as John Quincy Adams' Vice Presidential running mate.

Following the results of this now two way election, the Jackson/Calhoun ticket won a majority of popular and electoral vote over the Adams/Rush ticket. Ironically John Quincy Adams received about 44% of the popular vote in the election he lost, after only receiving 30.9% of the popular vote in the election he ultimately won. This was based on reasons obvious if you read the earlier parts of this article about it.

After leaving the White House, John Quincy Adams, an avid reader, chose to enjoy his retirement reading all his books, but when the 1830 midterm elections came around, voters in his district unexpectedly elected him - as a write-in choice to serve his district in the United States House of Representatives. For his first four years in the lower house of Congress, he was a founding member of the Anti-Masonic Party, the first "Third Party" in the United States. While it was a single-issue party, it was considered "Right, to Far Right" based on the political ideologies of it's members. In the 1832 Presidential election, while John Quincy Adams would have been willing to run, the party leaders feared he wouldn't be a popular enough Presidential candidate (at least at the national level, and at that time) to take on the incumbent, Andrew Jackson, so they nominated - "ironically" - a freemason - to be their Presidential Nominee.

During the mid-1830's, many members of the Anti-Masonic Party joined the Whig Party (which is the immediate predecessor to the current Republican Party, which occurred in the mid 1850's).

During the 1830's, there was a rule in the House of Representatives called The Gag Rule, which meant people could petition the House to end slavery, and it could be discussed in House Committees and Sub Committees, but not on the House floor before the entire House of Representatives. John Quincy Adams, known for his blatantly stubborn ways just like his father, and refusing to ever show weakness in the face of opposition, decided he was going to be a badass, and broke the Gag Rule. Every. Single. Chance. He. Got. Like a Boss. Another reason I respect him so much. This was around when he earned a few nicknames. His most known one was Old Man Eloquent. The other one is The Abolitionist. There was even a vote to censure him, and the vote was very close but did not pass. Had the vote to censure him passed through Congress, he had a back up plan. He would have resigned Congress, and ran for his same seat in a special election, and won, thus nullifying any effect that the censure could have or would have had on his ability to function as a Congressman.

During his time as a Congressman, he lost two races for Massachusetts Governor, back when they were elected to 1 year terms by their state legislature. But this worked out for the nation in a few ways, because he was able to effectively end the Gag Rule in the House of Representatives. He also successfully argued a case before the Supreme Court, freeing prisoners who were falsely thought to be escaped slaves. And during his last half term, was during Abraham Lincoln's only term in Congress, and he was considered to be an inspiration to Abraham Lincoln, especially in regards to fighting slavery, before he himself passed away in the (at the time) House Speaker's chamber of a stroke at age 80, in February, 1848. His last words were "This is the last of earth. I am content." At the time of his death, he was the Dean of the House of Representatives.

Some interesting facts about John Quincy Adams were he would read about 4 or 5 chapters of the Bible every day. He once had a pet alligator when he lived in the White House named Lucy, and he would use her to play a prank on guests. He used to walk for 3 miles every morning and skinny dip in the Potomac river. One day someone stole his clothes so he asked someone to please go to the White House and ask the First Lady to bring him clothes. He had time to do all of this before most of his Congressional colleagues had even woken up. Him being such an early riser might indicate why he was always known for falling asleep in the chamber for the U.S. House of Representatives. Others believe he was faking it so that he could fool his rivals into saying things they might not say in his presence if he was awake. If you were to ask me, I believe he was genuinely tired and took a nap, but with his intelligence that earned him the nickname "Old Man Eloquent", had he woken up and heard any ill spoken words against him, he might have occasionally been inclined to listen. One of his most glorious moments in Congress was after suffering from a stroke, and with his old age many would have expected him to die imminently. When he walked into the House of Representatives after surviving a strong, there was a standing ovation from both the Democrats and Republicans. He is also known for having the highest IQ of all the Presidents, although sometimes it's listed as low as 162 and as high as 168.

Because we live in a world where good is called evil, and evil is called good, people usually pick their favorite Presidents based on the most famous and talked about Presidents, and sometimes most recent. Most people will usually pick amongst George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, or Donald Trump.

My two favorites equally, yet for some similar and some different reasons, both important and unimportant reasons, are John Quincy Adams, and Donald John Trump, Sr. Some unimportant similarities between the two are the John in their names, both having lost the popular vote, yet still elected to serve one term as President, with their Vice President's having something to do with electing their replacements. John C. Calhoun as mentioned earlier ran with Jackson, and Pence announced certification of results, which led to a political falling out between the two men who ran together on the Republican ticket in 2016 and 2020.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Difference between "Military" and "Police" mindsets in the RLSH Community

RLSH Ways of Thinking
As a Marine Veteran, I still keep much of the military mindset for my RLSH work/way of life. I usually try to avoid thet Police Officer mindset in terms of ideologies and methods. I'm not posting this to bash cops - there's good and bad cops out there - I like the good ones and dislike the bad ones. I'll try to be specific about what I mean and why, about how unlike a lot of RLSH, I make sure to NOT have that cop mindset, as Police and Military are needed for two different reasons.

Patrol patterns and transparency
With the Police minded RLSH, they often patrol a specific city the same way that Police Officers patrol within their own jurisdiction or even a specific portion of their city or town. Often emphasized is patrol times and locations. I understand why they record that info. It doesn't mean I like the style of it though.

With the military mindset, one thinks in terms of operational security. To not set a pattern where the enemy can either track you down or work around your pattern, if they know it. And should you have to have a pattern for any reason, try not to make it too well known.

The law
With the Police minded RLSH, they feel it's their duty to either enforce and/or defend the laws, or report lawbreakers to the police, or perform a citizens arrest. Regardless of what is right or wrong, good or evil/bad, their allegiance is to the law, even if they disagree with a law or not.

Although in the military, you'll find a lot of libertarian conservative ideologies amongst the majority of them, which for some reason is shocking to people. They think just because the military is strict that veterans love being bossed around. That couldn't be less true. We self sacrificed our own freedom for that time because we wanted to defend the freedom of others. And the strictness reminds us how much we love and value our freedom. We do fight evil, regardless of what the law says. Granted, while in the military we have to obey all lawful orders from those who outrank us and/or hold a senior billet - after our military service is finished, many of us keep our oath to defend America and our allies from all enemies, foreign and domestic - during peace and/or war. Some join Oath Keepers and similar type groups, and many of us do it on our own without the direct supervision of the U.S. Military, some just act heroically when the need arises. With weapons or without. And we stand for what we believe in regardless of what is popular or legal.

Amongst the Police minded RLSH and RLSV, many former or inactive RLSH get condemned and ridiculed for "not having done anything or much lately". Or maybe they care about how often and long they patrol in terms of how many days a week and how many hours a day/night. Or by how many citizens arrests they made.

People always respect military veterans, especially those who have served in wars. NOBODY ever looks at World War 2 Veterans - the few that are still alive today - and says "They're useless since they haven't done much lately." Instead most people realize the historical signifance, and respect them for their bravery and heroism.

Punishment and Forgiveness Amongst Themselves
These parts are not literal examples of what each side or type would do every time. But it explains and emphasizes the different general mindsets that I've observed and/or analyzed. Police themselves are known for arresting and charging others who break the law, including their own fellow officers who break the law or commit a misdemeanor, etc.

In the Military, if you do something bad or make a dumb mistake, you gotta do a bunch of pushups or whatever as punishment. It is a quicker way to discipline someone and not only does it not ruin your life forever on public record, but it also makes you stronger. Yes there are Military Police and Court Martials, but this isn't as common for the military as regular ordinary punishment for mistakes.

What makes one Active
In the Police, after you graduate the Academy and get hired by a Department, you begin to start working. You're either On Duty or Off Duty, meaning on patrol or not on patrol, or with the occasional office work like filing a report.

In the Military, if you're on active duty, it doesn't always mean you're in a war zone. Even during times of peace and also even in times of war, the patrols and missions aren't the only thing the service member does. They do their physical training, and also have classes about various subjects that are useful to their military occupational specialties, combat weapons, and things relevant to their missions. They even do training patrols and learn team skills such as hand and arm signals as one example. And of course, when the time comes for it, the actual patrols and missions. And nobody condemns a service member who just returned from war - for taking a few months R&R upon leaving a combat deployment, though with RLSH you might get mixed reactions. There is a natural aspect for some RLSH where it is viewed more as a way of life than as a job, while some view it as a volunteer job, but those who view it mainly as work like a volunteer job tend to burn out faster. They're the ones who eventually "retire" when they get tired of it. But there are those who view it as a way of life, whose methods and tactics can change as they grow older, but they also realize that there is no way one can just absolutely "retire" from a way of life that defines who they are and gives them the passion to wake up and get out of bed every morning, and to live life to the fullest, with the hopes of doing good and making the world a better place.

This doesn't so much apply to cops, as much as it does for RLSH who try to think like cops. There might be a few former law enforcement officers who still keep that mindset but continue as RLSH with a new name/uniform and no direct supervision of the government. There are cops with personality but the RLSH who try to think like cops try to appear so disciplined that they try to be so boring and serious out of a fear of looking weird or crazy, or of not being taken seriously. These are the people who usually think inside the box, because it keeps them thinking in terms of what they deem realistic. On a side note for the record, I like cops who try to think and act like superheroes more than I like superheroes who try to think and act like cops.

I can't as much say this applies to all branches of the military or not - as much as I can say it does with the Marines, how most of the Marines each have their own unique and interesting personality. They aren't only not afraid of looking weird or crazy, they actually embrace it - with a vengeance. These types of people often have to be creative and think outside the box, for the sake of survival, and even morale.

I've done security missions before. Both in and out of my Tothian uniform, but always as Tothian. This is one where I actually DO have more of the cop mentality than the military mentality, but it does depend on if the scenario is generally a peaceful one as a whole. I've done security at rallies before.

In these rallies, I've often stayed neutral from the debates or arguments themselves, and focused more on the security aspect. I did also speak to drivers who drove up to us in the parking lot to ask questions. At some of these rallies I would film and interview different people. Occasionally I will debate or interview protesters, be they supporters and/or opposition to our cause. I try to be creative about things. And I have answered questions both on camera and to reporters about my views.

I feel with the Military mentality in this scenario is the fighter who actively engages in arguments with protesters in ways that start out political but become more personally argumentive. They make it a war of us vs. them, but I try to make sure our own side stays in line too so they don't get themselves in trouble nor push the public away from supporting us and our agenda. But also because it feels like both the wiser strategy as well as the right thing to do. This wouldn't normally sound like me, since I'm usually all about having that warrior spirit. However, there is an exception to a lot of things and even with the warrior spirit we must pick our battles wisely, and there's a good reason for that because I do feel there are others who hate people for having different opinions (sometimes it's ok, sometimes not, depending on what it is) and also it is sometimes good to have friendly open dialogue.

There are limits to my thinking about this sort of thing though. When it comes to scenarios where you have groups like Antifa attacking innocent people on the streets, or fighting against the Proud Boys (a group I support what they do and stand for but wish they would have used a better name), it no longer becomes a situation of merely personal security nor merely protecting individuals from other individuals, but rather acts of war. And I am a Warrior.

Social Interactions
This one doesn't necessarily apply 100% of the time. One of the facts I left out earlier in this blog is that many police officers are former, retired, or reserve military. So I'm only generalizing based on some observations I've had. When someone is telling a story, the cop minded individual or even cops, will listen thoroughly, and ask questions to understand the story better. One time I was at a bar sharing some of my great stories with a group of people, and one guy was loving my stories and asking me questions, even saying I needed my own podcast, making me feel awesome and all, and then I began to sense that this guy was a cop. I told him that I believed he was a cop, and he verified with me that he was a cop. He was wondering how I knew that. Basically his personality reminded me very similarly of another cop I knew. That was why I kept thinking that. And I was right. A lot of cops I know always seem to like a good story, and they ask good questions. Sometimes they do it just to see if they can get information from people, be it for legitimate investigations, or sometimes just for their own personal entertainment purposes. But as for the Real Life Superhero Community, a cop minded superhero might not always have the best stories to tell, but like anyone they love a good story and are willing to listen and ask questions.

With the military minded RLSH, and I'm specifically thinking of all the Marines I knew, not just some of the Marines, but any Marine you spoke to would always have interesting, wild crazy stories to tell. And there are some RLSH who if you sat down and had a conversation with them, they would have stories you might not believe, and some of which are funnier and more interesting and entertaining than comic books. This type of personality isn't as common in the Real Life Superhero Community, because so many of them are trying so hard to prove to the world that they are boring, normal, regular people. I couldn't understand why anyone would want that, but it happens. As for me my life always felt like a comic book.

For the Police minded RLSH, I think of DC Comics. Batman, The Question, The Spirit. These are guys who usually focus on only protecting their city from street criminals, and your occasional supervillain. The comics and movies rarely have much if any humor to them. Often dark and serious.

For the Military minded RLSH, I think more of Marvel comics. They are focused on facing threats of evil all over the world. They are usually fighting some great war to save the world or save literally life itself. Despite the great threats, these heroes often have interesting personalities and aren't afraid to be their crazy selves while fighting great evils of the world.

Punishing criminals and evildoers
I had a similar paragraph earlier about how each side would generally respond to wrongdoings of their own side. In this scenario, one often sees someone do something bad automatically think they should be arrested, convicted, and sentenced to prison.

When it comes to Castle Doctrine. Or Stand Your Ground Laws, these are laws which work better to help the military minded RLSH. There was a scenario in Texas where a teen male raped a female, and her father murdered her rapist. He not only didn't get in trouble, but was praised as a town hero. It might not feel legal for people to say they would wish death or want to kill such evildoers, but it's definitely the emotional sentiment that a lot of people would feel. Many Veterans aren't afraid to say how they feel about such things, including military minded RLSH. And this isn't limited to that one type of act of evil, but any where there is an innocent defenseless victim involved. And it's not that they all simply endorse killing evildoers, but that they definitely support a more hands on approach when it comes to fighting evil. Although such types might also take morality more than or instead of the law into consideration.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Yin Yang in the Martial Arts

In Martial Arts classes, we were taught about the Yin Yang Theory, about how in all good there was evil, and in all evil there was good. While as a Christian, I can't say I fully subscribe to those beliefs on a religious deity level, in other philosophical terms with regards to people, I do understand and have seen it displayed in both real life and fiction.

Some of you who have read some of my earlier blogs might have read my blog post about Master Legend and Superhero, who were complete equals and opposites in nearly every single way. It was a perfect representation of the ideas spoken of by Mr. Glass in the movie Unbreakable. Both Master Legend and Superhero have been mentors of mine, each one I felt represented an extreme version of myself but in opposite ways, as if I am what you get if you mix each of them together as one.

In the Karate Kid movie (I specifically reference the first movie) along with the follow-up TV series Cobra Kai, we see a rivalry between Daniel Larusso of Miyagi-Do, and Johnny Lawrence of Cobra Kai, later forming his own Eagle Fang Karate, and even a temporary alliance of the two, Miyagi Fang!

The two seem to be equals in terms of fighting skill, although throughout the first movie, Johnny was seen as the dominant fighter, until Daniel wins the tournament. Fast forward a few decades until their big alliance to team up to teach a class together. It didn't go as well as they had both hoped at first, considering the mixed and conflicting messages of the teachers. In my opinion, they both are right in how they teach. But as they later figured out, they should teach separate classes, yet still maintain their alliance.

It's important to have different teachers teach you different ways, so you can find your own balance, and your own ways. It's easier to do when you expose yourself to a diverse selection of types of teachers.

Superhero used to be hard on me for every mistake I made. Master Legend defended me from every attack on me that happened because of mistakes I made. Not to consider them like parents, but similar to how when it comes to parents a mother and father might have different styles of parenting. One the strict authoritarian and the other the supportive one. But it also displays the fact that two opposing aspects of heroism can also achieve great results. One does it by showing you your mistakes so that you know right from wrong, while the other one who is on your side whether you're right OR wrong, offers you that unconditional loyalty that everyone in this life needs. One teaches you heroism, the other gives you heroism.

Sensei Kreese refused to see any tears or weakness from Johnny when he learned that the young Johnny Lawrence was being physically abused by his step father. While Mr. Miyagi used his healing abilities to heal Daniel's injuries. They're both right, as both teachers helped their students become stronger, although through different methods, even when they say the other is wrong. So who do you follow?

You have to find your own way. You are not alive to merely be an echo of the world, but rather create an echo into the world. If all you were exposed to was one way of teaching that is what you would become. If you are exposed to a different balance of teachings, you learn what works best for what situations. You become both stronger and wiser.

In the Marines, I learned the difference between training smarter and training harder. Many people might assume the Marines is 100% physical and 0% mental. Doing pushups, running, and shooting rifles. How hard could it be, right? Really it's 100% physical and 100% mental. Same as with my real life Jedi training. When confronted with conflict, the Jedi in me wants to behave like Mr. Miyagi and try to avoid conflict as much as I can until the fight comes to me. The Marine in me knows that in order to maintain peace, one must be willing to show strength and fight because if violence is the only language bullies understand then we must be better at communating their own language with them. The level of fear and respect you obtain from that might also be given to potential future victims. But the Jedi aspect also guides people to use diplomacy to avoid or end conflict if and when possible.

So one must know the right times to be peaceful and when to make war, when to train smart and when to train hard. When to indulge, and when to fast. When to exhaust yourself and when to relax.

There are already systems of martial arts known as Bushido (the way of the warrior) and Budo (the martial Way), so I realized why not create a system known as the way of the Hero. I looked up in Japanese and it would be called YushaDo. There could even be one called the Way of the Superhero. But they would be mostly the same thing. It would be a continuous work in progress over time. It would have a philosophy and strategies to it, ones that act as a balance to Bushido and Budo.

More to come over time. And may this idea live on over time and may others feel welcome to add their own versions and interpretations to it also.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Geist Files

Hi. So around May, 2007, Geist joins the Heroes Network. We first spoke on phone in June, 2007 one night. I remembered we spoke for a while and he told me he was 45. I was shocked. But he seemed like a nice guy at first.

So anyway, we meet in New York City on Sunday, October 28th, 2007, according to m̶y̶ t̶o̶p̶ s̶e̶c̶r̶e̶t̶ f̶i̶l̶e̶s̶ my superhuman memory, we met at approximately 12:48 around the corner of 48th street and 7th Avenue. We had the most fun day. We helped out some homeless people which is not usually my main duty as Tothian, as I am a warrior, but they were there and needed help and we had the means, so why not.

At the end of the day, I said "Hey Geist, you think we should ask those ladies if they wanna go drinking with us?" I thought he was gonna say something like "No man, that sounds fun but I'm a married man." but he was like "Yeah man! Sure!" so I go up to them and say "Hey would you ladies like to go drinking with us?" they were like "Sure!" but then Life overheard and was like "Alright! Get the cameras!" so we all went there and drank and talked, and had fun. After everyone left it was just Geist and me. As we left, years later we would debate whether it was a patrol or not. He said if he drinks, he is not on patrol. If I saw something going on I would do what I felt should do, and you want to know why? BECAUSE I'M TOTHIAN!

So he's like, "So where you headed?" I told him I would go on next train home. He said "well my hotel has an extra bed if you wanna crash there for the night". I'm like, you don't mind??? He smiles and says "No I don't mind." so I'm like, "Cool!" we get pizza and back at his hotel room and I use bathroom, I come out and he is nervously standing there. "Tothian, please don't be mad. You dropped your Military ID and I looked at it, but here's mine." so he hands me mine and his, and I memorized his. Because unlike many of my former friends who became enemies, I have respect and mercy, to an extent. Not for my always-enemies but for my former friends who became enemies. I won't be posting his name or address here at this time. But I do know it. Anyway he asked "So you're not mad?" I laughed and was like "No I'm not mad." and he was relieved.

Next day, we both leave and we head home. I check Heroes Network forum and he sent me a message subject title something like "Hey how are ya, bud?" I was so happy to hear from him! But when I opened the email, it was an eerily long email, accusing me of being a fed. I thought, this must have to be a joke, but the more I read, the more the idea of it being a joke seemed to slowly diminish. I was amused and flattered. Many people in life think I give off a secret agent vibe. It's a superhero thing.

February, 2010. Geist turned against me for wrecking a forum I created but was nice enough to let someone else run temporarily. But he did not turn against them for doing it to me in June 2008 when I ran it. His excuse was "Oh well that was different." he was right but in the wrong way. The HUGE difference is those who did it to me made me think everything was fine until AFTER they did it. And I forgave them. And 2007 and 2008 were HAPPY FUN years in the superhero community. But in 2009 and 2010, were horrible years. The Heroes Network was run by Zimmer who was basically the antichrist of the superhero community. When he ran the Heroes Network, it was no longer a happy fun place anymore. People were constantly being threatened by the moderators like Zero the diagnosed sociopath for example, and yet that went entirely ignored by the admin and other moderators. Constant slander, it was horrible. I had to leave my own creation and unlike the deceptiveness I had to deal with, I let them know if the threats and slander did not stop, I would shut down my creation. Solaris one moderator did help me though. Anyway, they did not forgive me though my action was justified, theirs was not. but the idea is Geist was being hypocritical, and for a while after that, called me his "frienemy". Ok whatever.

A year later, in February 2011, Geist called me up, sad. "Tothian, I really miss Ecliptico. Will you talk to him for me?" so I called up Ecliptico, I told him. He said to me "Oh HELL no I don't wanna talk to Geist!" I was like "Oh come on." "Ok fine, Tothian. I'll do this for you." "Ok cool!"

So I arrange a 3way call, we all talked for a while. It went great. So when I wanted to eat, I had them exchange numbers. So they do. I hang up.

Next day, Ecliptico calls me up "Well, I spoke to Geist for a while last night." "Oh how did it go?" so he told me it went great, but then Mrs. Ecliptico came home, sick with flu, worked double shift as manager. But Geist kept calling the house phone all night, the calls were ignored but he kept waking up the whole family and leaving long answering machine messages accusing Ecliptico of being a fed. So that rekindled friendship for him and Ecliptico died again real fast.

December, 2013, Geist praised Silver Sentinel, AKA Sofa Sentinel, AKA Cellphone Sentinel, and I immediately called his house number that I think he knew I had for emergencies. I knew he would only answer that number. And he did. I told him what I had to say. He said "Sorry Sir, wrong number." I got the hint that his wife was there. And later he thanked me for playing along. I said no problem. Then he began to ask me to never call that number again. "Ok sure." then he began slurring his words and made bizarre threats. That is when I got annoyed and blocked him.

Every weekend when he would drink, he would go on long facebook rants about me, lying or twisting facts. And many people would reply and not realize this man is a delusional drunk with a medical condition known as tremor. They think this guy is sane or that he gives good information? He gives really bad advice, and I feel he is wrong about a lot of his beliefs. I like the guy a lot, because even as an enemy, he is interesting.

One thing many of my enemies fail to realize is that not all of their friends really like them. So when they talk bad about me for something they themselves did, or for something they understand or forgave someone else for, they see my enemies as judgmental and this is how I make many loyal friends and lose fake friends.

So often I would get messages from people "Wait, you're a real dude??? I thought you were a figment of Geist's imagination!" or "WOW! So YOU'RE that guy that Geist keeps accusing me of being!"

One idiot Robert Frost of Paradox Core who is evil, stupid, and fake, comes into my chatroom and asks me why I keep bothering Geist. This was after I had left Geist alone for a while, yet he kept obsessing about me. I was not even gonna waste time talking to an idiot. Instantly blocked him. He is not really anyone interesting or important anyway.

One night I called Geist. I said "Hey man, I just wanted to say sorry for any past problems we had, and would rather us not talk bad about each other on the internet." he then replied "Yeah man I agree." then he added "I'm was at work now though" I said "Oh! Sorry I did not mean to bother you at work" he said "No no that's alright. Just call me in a few hours." "Ok sure!" "And Tothian..." "Yeah what's up?" "It's great to hear from you again!" "You too! Ok talk to you later." "Ok, seeya."

FINALLY! WHAT A RELIEF! I WAS SO HAPPY! I call him about 2 or 3 hours later. He replies "Uhh... Yeah. I thouuugghhhttt about it... And I'llll say whaaaatever the fuck I want, about WHOOOO ever the fuck I want." OH NO NOT AGAIN!

In June, 2016, I spoke to Wildcat for the first time in about 2 years. She let me know Geist called her up a few months prior, and was drunk, accusing her of being an FBI Agent who was giving me information about him.

What is Geist hiding, and why is he so worried about the FBI? A guy who only walks around a few times a year handing out a few sandwiches to homeless people thinks the FBI considers him a dangerous vigilante just because he wears a mask. What an idiot. An annoying but sometimes likeable idiot, but still an idiot. Haha. Like the kind of idiot who says in an article as his civilian identity that he likes collecting X-Men comic books, and also helping people but not talking about it. And when asked about the helping people, he reminds them "and not talking about it."

Me and others call him Delusional Geist.

Anyway, if you are an undercover FBI Agent who would like to provide me with information about Delusional Geist, send me a message. I already know his name, address, phone numbers, family members names, (which I know based on what he himself told me) and also where he works, what he does, who he works for and with (which I am not posting about) I particularly need to know what kinds of pizza (and soda) he likes. It's important to me.