Monday, January 9, 2012

Heroes Network

I relaunched the new Heroes Network on December 1st, 2011. If you read my recent blog about The Spirit of Camaraderie you will get an idea of what I had been hoping to accomplish on the new Heroes Network. So far, it has lived up to my expectations. The Spirit of Camaraderie is coming back, just like it needed to. The RLSH Community now has a peaceful, friendly place again where they can go, share their thoughts and ideas, and not have to worry about being harassed by people just for not fitting in with a certain clique or in-crowd. If you're there, you're one of us, and we want you to feel not just accepted, but also appreciated.

I try to not keep this too strict of a place, I just want it to be a fun, friendly, informative place with happy friendly positive vibes, where we all teach and learn from each other. I don't even intend on insulting my enemies - I would rather just not talk about them and keep them irrelevant. The fact that some of my enemies have chose to condemn me, made me further realize the importance of why such a positive place such as this new Heroes Network was needed.

In addition to all the silliness and fun times that is very much needed to balance out with any type of stress that may exist in life, I also intend on building a place with some useful resources on this new Heroes Network for the Real Life Superhero Community.

In addition to the Heroes Network Forum where we have the regular sections that many forums have - and also a chatroom, I also have an Academics Category to teach about things like Computer Security, Criminology, Cryptology, First Aid, Foreign Languages, Forensics, Foreign Languages, Leadership, Martial Arts, Paranormal, Physical Fitness. And probably some more, soon.

The Heroes Network isn't meant to be just a place where people go and post once and don't check it for a while, but rather designed to be a fun place to hang out when online. Some people are busy with their personal lives and busy patrolling too, and the importance of that can't be denied, neither. But, this is made for the cool friendly people who wish to make the world a safer place.

The Heroes Network also has a website with some useful links, such as SpotCrime, CodeAmber, Tracing Missing People, Suicide Prevention, and GoodSearch. A Heroes Network member listing with contact info for members who choose to be added to it will be edited more soon.

Here are some links to the new Heroes Network-

Heroes Network Website:

Heroes Network Forum:

Heroes Network Portal:

Heroes Network Listing:

Heroes Network Twitter:

Heroes Network Facebook Group:

Heroes Network YouTube 

For anyone who wishes to join the Heroes Network, I prefer to talk with each member individually, so that they know a little about me and what I wish to accomplish with this new Heroes network, and also what kinds of things I would rather avoid with this new Heroes Network, and also so that I have an idea of who is joining this place that has already been nicknamed the RLSH Paradise or the Heavens Network. If you would like to join us, please contact me at Tothian (at) msn (dot) com