Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Geist Files

Hi. So around May, 2007, Geist joins the Heroes Network. We first spoke on phone in June, 2007 one night. I remembered we spoke for a while and he told me he was 45. I was shocked. But he seemed like a nice guy at first.

So anyway, we meet in New York City on Sunday, October 28th, 2007, according to <strike>my top secret files</strike> my superhuman memory, we met at approximately 12:48 around the corner of 48th street and 7th Avenue. We had the most fun day. We helped out some homeless people which is not usually my main duty as Tothian, as I am a warrior, but they were there and needed help and we had the means, so why not.

At the end of the day, I said "Hey Geist, you think we should ask those ladies if they wanna go drinking with us?" I thought he was gonna say something like "No man, that sounds fun but I'm a married man." but he was like "Yeah man! Sure!" so I go up to them and say "Hey would you ladies like to go drinking with us?" they were like "Sure!" but then Life overheard and was like "Alright! Get the cameras!" so we all went there and drank and talked, and had fun. After everyone left it was just Geist and me. As we left, years later we would debate whether it was a patrol or not. He said if he drinks, he is not on patrol. If I saw something going on I would do what I felt should do, and you want to know why? BECAUSE I'M TOTHIAN!

So he's like, "So where you headed?" I told him I would go on next train home. He said "well my hotel has an extra bed if you wanna crash there for the night". I'm like, you don't mind??? He smiles and says "No I don't mind." so I'm like, "Cool!" we get pizza and back at his hotel room and I use bathroom, I come out and he is nervously standing there. "Tothian, please don't be mad. You dropped your Military ID and I looked at it, but here's mine." so he hands me mine and his, and I memorized his. Because unlike many of my former friends who became enemies, I have respect and mercy, to an extent. Not for my enemies but for my former friends. I will not be posting his name or address here at this time. But I do know it. Anyway he asked "So you're not mad?" I laughed and was like "No I'm not mad." and he was relieved.

Next day, we both leave and we head home. I check Heroes Network forum and he sent me a message subject title something like "Hey how are ya, bud?" I was so happy to hear from him! But when I opened the email, it was an eerily long email, accusing me of being a fed. I thought, this must have to be a joke, but the more I read, the more the idea of it being a joke seemed to slowly diminish the more I read. I was amused and flattered. Many people in life think I give off a secret agent vibe. It's a superhero thing.

February, 2010. Geist turned against me for wrecking a forum I created but was nice enough to let someone else run temporarily. But he did not turn against them for doing it to me in June 2008 when I ran it. His excuse was "Oh well that was different." he was right but in the wrong way. The HUGE difference is those who did it to me made me think everything was fine until AFTER they did it. And I forgave them. And 2007 and 2008 were HAPPY FUN years in the superhero community. But in 2009 and 2010, were horrible years. The Heroes Network was run by Zimmer who was basically the antichrist of the superhero community. When he ran the Heroes Network, it was no longer a happy fun place anymore. People were constantly being threatened by the moderators like Zero the diagnosed sociopath for example, and yet that went entirely ignored by the admin and other moderators. Constant slander, it was horrible. I had to leave my own creation and unlike the deceptiveness I had to deal with, I let them know if the threats and slander did not stop, I would shut down my creation. Solaris one moderator did help me though. Anyway, they did not forgive me though my action was justified, theirs was not. but the idea is Geist was being hypocritical, and for a while after that, called me his "frienemy". Ok whatever.

A year later, in February 2011, Geist called me up, sad. "Tothian, I really miss Ecliptico. Will you talk to him for me?" so I called up Ecliptico, I told him. He said to me "Oh HELL no I don't wanna talk to Geist!" I was like "Oh come on." "Ok fine, Tothian. I'll do this for you." "Ok cool!"

So I arrange a 3way call, we all talked for a while. It went great. So when I wanted to eat, I had them exchange numbers. So they do. I hang up.

Next day, Ecliptico calls me up "Well, I spoke to Geist for a while last night." "Oh how did it go?" so he told me it went great, but then Mrs. Ecliptico came home, sick with flu, worked double shift as manager. But Geist kept calling the house phone all night, the calls were ignored but he kept waking up the whole family and leaving long answering machine messages accusing Ecliptico of being a fed. So that rekindled friendship for him and Ecliptico died again real fast.

December, 2013, Geist praised Silver Sentinel, AKA Sofa Sentinel, AKA Cellphone Sentinel, and I immediately called his house number that I think he knew I had for emergencies. I knew he would only answer that number. And he did. I told him what I had to say. He said "Sorry Sir, wrong number." I got the hint that his wife was there. And later he thanked me for playing along. I said no problem. Then he began to ask me to never call that number again. "Ok sure." then he began slurring his words and made bizarre threats. That is when I got annoyed and blocked him.

Every weekend when he would drink, he would go on long facebook rants about me, lying or twisting facts. And many people would reply and not realize this man is a delusional drunk with a medical condition known as tremor. They think this guy is sane or that he gives good information? He gives really bad advice, and I feel he is wrong about a lot of his beliefs. I like the guy a lot, because even as an enemy, he is interesting.

One thing many of my enemies fail to realize is that not all of their friends really like them. So when they talk bad about me for something they themselves did, or for something they understand or forgave someone else for, they see my enemies as judgmental and this is how I make many loyal friends and lose fake friends.

So often I would get messages from people "Wait, you're a real dude??? I thought you were a figment of Geist's imagination!" or "WOW! So YOU'RE that guy that Geist keeps accusing me of being!"

One idiot Robert Frost of Paradox Core who is evil, stupid, and fake, comes into my chatroom and asks me why I keep bothering Geist. This was after I had left Geist alone for a while, yet he kept obsessing about me. I was not even gonna waste time talking to an idiot. Instantly blocked him. He is not really anyone interesting or important anyway.

One night I called Geist. I said "Hey man, I just wanted to say sorry for any past problems we had, and would rather us not talk bad about each other on the internet." he then replied "Yeah man I agree." then he added "I'm was at work now though" I said "Oh! Sorry I did not mean to bother you at work" he said "No no that's alright. Just call me in a few hours." "Ok sure!" "And Tothian..." "Yeah what's up?" "It's great to hear from you again!" "You too! Ok talk to you later." "Ok, seeya."

FINALLY! WHAT A RELIEF! I WAS SO HAPPY! I call him about 2 or 3 hours later. He replies "Uhh... Yeah. I thouuugghhhttt about it... And I'llll say whaaaatever the fuck I want, about WHOOOO ever the fuck I want." OH NO NOT AGAIN!

In June, 2016, I spoke to Wildcat for the first time in about 2 years. She let me know Geist called her up a few months prior, and was drunk, accusing her of being an FBI Agent who was giving me information about him.

What is Geist hiding, and why is he so worried about the FBI? A guy who only walks around a few times a year handing out a few sandwiches to homeless people thinks the FBI considers him a dangerous vigilante just because he wears a mask. What an idiot. An annoying but sometimes likeable idiot, but still an idiot. Haha. Like the kind of idiot who says in an article as his civilian identity that he likes collecting X-Men comic books, and also helping people but not talking about it. And when asked about the helping people, he reminds them "and not talking about it."

Me and others call him Delusional Geist.

Anyway, if you are an undercover FBI Agent who would like to provide me with information about Delusional Geist, send me a message. I already know his name, address, phone numbers, family members names, (which I know based on what he himself told me) and also where he works, what he does, who he works for and with (which I am not posting about) I particularly need to know what kinds of pizza (and soda) he likes. It's important to me.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Master Legend & Superhero: Mirror Souls

Truth is stranger than fiction.

In Unbreakable, the movie starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, you find the hero and villain, they are symbolically a mirror. Meaning in some ways exact same. In other ways, exact opposite. Both had a rare same weakness, water. Could not swim. But were opposites as Bruce Willis had super strength, and Samuel L. Jackson had weak bones.

Master Legend and Superhero are in so many ways the complete and exact opposites of each other, in nearly every single way...

...But in a few ways, they are exactly the same.

Both were born in the late 1960's, both were in the military for a short period of time after being kicked out, for opposite reasons.

Both lived out of state and were abused by their parent and (younger?) brother. Both have severe PTSD and have reacted to it differently. Both moved to Florida and discovered the real life superhero community in 2006.

Superhero is old (though still collects godzilla toys like a little kid - thus making him on both ends of the age spectrum as being old and young) and bald. In his own words "old and bald".

Master Legend in his own words is ageless, timeless. And has long hair.

Superhero has a nice paying easy indoor job. Lives on nice side of town. Sold his car recently, bought a new one.

Master Legend works tough, outdoor jobs. Lives on seedy side of town. Does not get paid well. Lost his vehicle in an accident.

Superhero got married at an older age than most, a few years ago.

Master Legend married at an age younger than most. Was married twice, is not married now.

I think of how I met them. Superhero sent a message first with no friend request. When I read it, I thought, this guy and I are NOT going to like each other, he is going to be so pro government authoritarianism, we are not going to get along. I was right.

Master Legend sent me a friend request with no message. When we finally did speak, I thought, wow this guy and I are going to be really good friends. I was right.

Superhero was always quick to turn against me when ever anyone spoke ill of me.

Master Legend always quick to defend me when anyone spoke ill of me.

Rare exceptions where that was reversed, but at same times.

Superhero loves big names. Master Legend gets along better with homeless people. The better others speak of you, the more Superhero will like you and Master Legend will dislike you, and vice versa. When others speak ill of you, Superhero will hate you and Master Legend will like you. Superhero looks friendly and approachable but not friendly once you get to REALLY know him. Master Legend is scary upon first glance until you know him. This is odd because when I saw Superhero online, I thought he would have a grizzly voice. He had a smooth voice. I thought Master Legend would have a smooth voice, but he has a raspy voice.

Superhero loves cops. Master Legend hates cops. Superhero is pro gun but anti gun rights, Master Legend is anti gun but (I think?) pro gun rights.

Superhero does not seem to believe in God but condemns anyone who uses God for justification for doing good, but also uses the government as his measure of right and wrong. Master Legend exact opposite. Master Legend died twice and learned he is the angel Metatron. Superhero never died and may be a demon incarnate.

Master Legend often thinks in the spiritual.
Superhero often thinks in the physical.

I didn't realize this till afterwards but years ago when taking vitamins at vitamin shoppe, Superhero said he hates taking vitamins and eats to get all his nutrients. Master Legend once said he hates eating, and if he could take a pill and be full, he would.

Superhero has a colorful suit. Master Legend's suit is grey and black and silver, colors of a black and white movie. Superhero once had a helmet but doesn't use anymore. Master Legend didn't used to have a helmet but does now.

I used to think Superhero would have all the media attention and Master Legend would avoid it, but was opposite on both.

Superhero knows EVERYTHING about celebrities from most to least famous, A listers, B listers, C listers, D listers.

Master Legend does not know anything about even the most famous celebrities.

Superhero is good at impersonating people and characters, bad at making up his own jokes.

Master Legend is bad at impersonating people, good at coming up with original humor.

When ever Superhero lost weight, Master Legend gained weight.

Superhero likes history. Master Legend has psychic powers and predicts the future.

Master Legend loves having so many friends all over the world in all countries, but not many true friends nearby him, just so few. Superhero considers people friends more if they know each other in real life, does not take internet friendships seriously.

Say something bad about Superhero, even if it were true, the people would not believe it. Say something bad about Master Legend, everyone would believe it, even if not true.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

I do not like creepy people

I hate those super secretive people with no real picture who are like, can't let you know anything about me, but I know so much about you. Fuck them. I hate them, do they not realize how little respect I have for such creepy people? They always think "Wow I bet this will impress Tothian if I know this!" nope. Exact opposite. I do not waste time on them. Loyalty impresses me.

When I get a friend request from a mysterious profile, especially with no message, or especially even more so if I get a creepy message, I instantly block them. I do not need their help.

Oh, they want to help me with my image. Don't care. I prefer to he hated as I am. But preferably would rather be left alone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I created Phoenix Jones

In late 2010, I got tired of the enemies who condemned me, were getting famous. And they condemned me and Master Legend. So I wished Phoenix Jones into existence. If I did not do that he would probably not exist. But he served his purpose. The media needed to focus less on the watered down heroics and more on the dangerous stuff. People needed to see how dangerous it could be. Those who were doing it for ego needed to be out of media.

Phoenix Jones helped put things back on the path of being interesting again, with the help of the media.

But then my creation got too powerful, and his ego got a little too big, and he decided to alter the truth to fit his own truth.

First, he has a cop mentality. I created him to be like Samuel L. Jackson in a batsuit. But instead he wants to be like Robocop.

I have to correct the world about certain lies he made.

1- He claims he is the first crime fighting superhero in the world. That is a twisted lie. He is a newby who started in 2010. Some may say 6 years is a long time but not for those of us doing this for decades. The Real Life Superhero Community started to come together around 2005 and 2006, and before then too but scattered. There is tons of media proof of this to debunk his lie.

2- He claims he is the best superhero in the world because of how many people he arrests. First of all, Master Legend is the best and greatest superhero in the world. And Master Legend and I realize superheroes are not cops, we do not arrest people. Superheroes are not supposed to be about law and order, but about freedom, justice.

3- He lies and assumes other people do not patrol as often as him because they do not film every single thing. Some of us did this before the internet was even really a thing. I am not all about that whole, pics or it didn't happen, thing. I know how interesting my life is because I lived it. No one else did. But either way, patrol hours do not make you a superhero. Cops go by hours, Superheroes should be random and mysterious if they are using smart tactics. And there is no off switch to this.

He does not seem to care if people defend him for years, those people get ignored, but those who condemn him for years, he really seemed to care more about them more.

He cannot handle the fame. It has gotten to his head.

No, I won't condemn him for things I defended him for before. Because I still believe what I said before when I did defend him. But, tired of the lies and flaky attitude. And also tired of him trying to enforce this cop like, law and order attitude to superheroing. During peaceful protests, why side with government over the people? Government is supposed to serve the people, not control them.

I miss the old Phoenix Jones. He was more fun. I did not even mind the ego at all, just the lies to make him look good and everyone else look bad.