Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tothian Pizza

Here's a Pizza I discovered and popularized a few years ago. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza had never really been a mainstream pizza in the past. But when I tried it and discovered how delicious it was, I wanted others to be able to enjoy this kind of pizza the same way I did.

And it was even added to the Urban Dictionary!

There are different variations of it. The way I like to make it, is starting off one of two ways. The first layer could either be a thin layer of mozzarella cheese, or garlic sauce (butter w/ garlic powder), then the other one next. Then, you cook it for a few minutes, just enough to melt the cheese a little bit.

The steak should be cooked separately. You don't want to use that thick steak, you could just use either steakums, then shredded (and of course using a paper towel to absorb some of the grease), or you could also use sirloin beef steak, which starts off as like a frozen block of steak but once cooked, it starts to shred up a bit.

If I use the steakums slices, I don't mix any cheese with it yet.

If I use the beef sirloin steak, which shreds up, once it starts about getting cooked to where I want it, I put a few slices of american cheese in there and then mix it all up in that while it's cooking on the pan.

Then, the pizza should be out of the oven now, with the cheese melted a little bit. You place the steak on the pizza now.

If you used steakums, shred them up now and cover the entire top of the pizza with them. Then you rip the pieces of american cheese and spread those all over the pizza, which you'll see an example in the first picture, before I put the pizza back in the oven again the 2nd time.

If you used beef sirloin steak with the american cheese already cooked with it, you won't need to add any more american cheese on top.

Either way, sprinkle some more mozzarella cheese on top.

Then cook it in the oven or toaster oven at about 350 for approximately 10 minutes. And of course it's always good to pre-heat, too.

And again, since each one of you reading this has your own unique taste buds, you can feel free to make your own variations of it. There are some good secondary toppings I've tried with it, that I think go well with it, like mushrooms, and tomatoes. I haven't tried both of them at the same time on my Tothian Pizza, though. But if you like either of those toppings on your pizza, try it. You'll be glad you did.

Here's a picture of it before I put it in the oven: 

Here is Tothian Pizza after I took it out of the oven. As you could see, it glows with awesomeness. And tastes unbearably delicious, too!

And should you decide to try it, feel free to contact me and let me know what you thought! Whether you like it or not! Although I feel pretty confident in saying that I think most people would enjoy it.

The 4 Aspects of Fighting Evil

I've spoken about this before, and I will again. From my studies and experiences, I've theorized that there are 4 aspects of fighting evil, and there are even other ways to interpret this in your own ways, but here are some of my ways of viewing it. And I will share them with you.

The Fire Aspect- This one is obvious. Just think of the term used time and time again. "Fighting fire with fire." That's what this one is. Vengeance. The advantage of it lies in how effective of a tactic it is at scaring evil. The disadvantage is overkill, taking things too far, when sometimes the punishment may not seem to fit the crime.

The Earth Aspect- This one makes me think of a fair, balanced version of fighting evil. Reaping what you sew. Since this planet Earth consists of all 4 aspects, any of the other 3 aspects can be applied where necessary. Justice. The advantage is that it's actions are equal to the evil it's attempting to fight, destroy, punish, or teach a lesson to. Not too much as to be considered unfair, yet not too little as to be considered weak and afraid to fight back. This one I feel most in line with, because I understand and accept all of the aspects, but agree with this ideal the most.

The Water Aspect- To fight hatred with love, cruelty with kindness. It's advantage comes with the times it's able to make an evildoer see the error of their own ways by comparison to the seemingly undeserved respect you show towards them. As in, if you want an evil person to be good, then first show them what good is. The disadvantage is for the times it can be viewed upon as a weakness.

The Air Aspect- This one I can interpret in a few ways. The first way I thought of it, a while back, was ignoring evil. It's advantage is against the type of evil that thrives off the attention it's given. Ignoring those types of evil people make them lose the motivation to do evil. Another way I had interpreted it had to do with a combination of knowledge and indirectly fighting evil. Such as being a strategist or someone in a support role who may not necessarily fight evil themself, but yet in a sense indirectly does by offering some type of advice or useful resource to help the other person fight evil. Praying could perhaps be considered this as well, yet supplemented with the intentions of any of the other 3 aspects.

Each of those 4 represent common tactics you see with Police, when interrogating people. The Good Cop (Water), The Bad Cop (Fire), That one Cop who is serious, can be friendly but also firm and strict (Earth), then there's that one quiet Cop that you don't know what they're thinking (Air).

One mistake I see certain Warriors make is denying the importance of aspects other than their own, rather than learning to balance out those other ones.

There are also mixtures of these elements as well, such as Lava, Ice, Mud, Smoke.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Spirit of Camaraderie

There used to be something in most of the RLSH Community a few years ago, from around 2007 to 2009, around the time I was the President of the Heroes Network. There was a real spirit of camaraderie there. I could try to explain it but you really had to be around there back then in order to really understand it. For the past year or so, I've felt it was very important for me to remind the RLSH Community about it, but it was hard to find the right words. I'll try anyway, though.

Back in the good old days, RLSH's got along with each other... sorta... There were some occasional arguments, but unlike now where things can get really messy, back then they were constructive arguments that got heated, and if they did lead to bitter disputes, they often got settled, as a community, like a family. And from then on for a while the community seemed happy again, and people understood each other and got along better than before. And more often, if there were any disagreements, RLSH's agreed to disagree. When ever there were arguments, people often agreed to forgive each other and make peace with each other, because they mostly understood how important it was for RLSH's to all be on good terms with each other.

This was before a lot of the media attention in this community. While there's a huge misconception nowadays that the success of an RLSH has to do with how famous and popular they are, and that all the media attention was good for the community in moving it forward, the truth is that these things have caused a lot of problems and actually moved it backwards.

Being an RLSH is not about public image, it's not about popularity. It's about befriending those who need friends, saving those who need saving, protecting those who need protecting, fighting evil.

That's not to say that all media attention is bad entirely. It can serve as a very effective networking tool, with people who need your help or wish to work with you. But, make sure it's for the right reasons. And understand that the more well known you are, the more problems it can cause you.

There were times when RLSH's would defend outcasts in the community. Nowadays they outcast the unusual people as weird, because they're worried that certain people are bad for the public image of the RLSH Community (It's not a Movement). That's also a harmful way of thinking. People who say things like that and think like that are the ones who (in my eyes) make themselves look bad.

You can't define the standards of a Real Life Superhero, especially since many of those who I've seen try to define it as a whole have got it (in my strong opinion) wrong. You can define the standards of certain cliques of people, and while it can serve it's purpose in some ways if it's within certain groups, it can't be spoken for as a whole. I've seen many good people feel outcasted by the in-crowds. When in-crowds try outcasting people, they're not just outcasting those people from their inner circles, they're outcasting their own selves from enacting heroic ideals. Especially in the eyes of those they're outcasting.

By trying to unite this community, people will only divide it further. In my opinion, the way it works best, is when people let everyone be themselves. Not conformity, but rather self-expression. Acceptance, not outcasting. Let people be themselves, not who you want them to be.

When the Spirit of Camaraderie existed in the RLSH Community, there was a good balance of seriousness and joking around. And that was accepted. Too much of one and not enough of the other is not good.

It used to feel like a family or like a loose network of individuals who had this evil-destroying Warrior Spirit about them. It felt like a real superhero community. Nowadays, it feels like the U.S. House of Representatives.

I say this with the hopes of my friends in the RLSH Community reading this and if they were around back then, I hope they remember this and allow the spirit of camaraderie to return back again. For those who weren't around back then, please bring it back.

Monday, October 10, 2011


What would Batman do?

Here is a pretend conversation I had (not really) with an imaginary friend (not a real imaginary friend, just a made up one). It's partially meant in jest, but also meant to make a really good point as well.

And sadly, yes, this is necessary...

TOTHIAN: Batman wouldn't go around giving out all this personal information about himself on Facebook, like when he patrols, where he patrols, especially beforehand, or what level his armor is, what kinds of martial arts he's trained in, etc.

DENNIS THE DUMMY: Yeah, but Batman isn't real...

TOTHIAN: So, only fictional characters can practice smart tactics?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exposing False Heroism

I'm not going to tell any of ya'll what to do or what not to do. But I will tell you this... That this is how NOT to be a Superhero... Whether you want to be an actual superhero or a fake superhero is up to you, I'm just showing you the difference between false heroism & real heroism. I'm going to use a few made up examples, using humor to make some really good points in pointing out false examples of heroism that are being praised out there, while real heroism gets condemned, by some of the very people who claim to the title and get glorified for it. And people fall for it a lot. I'm here to expose it.


Greetings, Citizens and Fellow Super Heroes,

This is The Cellphone Sentinel speaking! Last night I patrolled with my partner on my Cellphone Avengers Team, known as Citizen Special! Even though I'm 3 lbs overweight, I figured I should patrol anyway, because my weight doesn't matter, you don't even have to try that hard to be a super-hero it's really easy, just as long as you mean well and have a flashy costume, a cool name, and a good working cellphone, that's really all you need in order to be a superhero.

Anyway, Citizen Special and I patrolled only two hours from 8:00PM to 10:00PM.

At 8:22PM, on 12th Street, in the middle of my city, we got laughed at by a few bystanders. A few women pointed and laughed at us... I think they liked us. The rest of the patrol was pretty boring. I was thinking to myself, "Man, I wish there'd be some crime for us to stop tonight!"
So, anyway, at around 9:43PM, little Billy was getting attacked on the corner by some crazy punk with a knife. "HELP ME, CELLPHONE SENTINEL! HELP ME! I'M GETTING ATTACKED!" Just then, me, having the fastest cellphone dialing finger on the east coast, tried to call 911, but my phone battery was low, so Citizen Special used his cellphone instead, dialed 911.

"911 What's your emergency?"

"Greetings, good citizen! I'm Citizen Special! Perhaps you've heard about me from the latest issue of the Times Magazine, or seen me in my latest-----"

"----Sir, what's your emergency?"

But unfortunately, it was too late for Little Billy. He was already dead. Blood everywhere. The stupid punk with the knife threatened Citizen Special with the knife and told him "Gimme your wallet, punk!" But Citizen Special didn't want to make matters worse. His life is worth more than all the money in his wallet. Plus, he didn't want to get his costume ripped, it costed him a lot of money!

I figured I would do the smart thing since superheroes need to be smart, so I ran away, and looked for the nearest pay phone I could find!

Citizen Special and I found each other about 15 minutes later. There was another woman who needed help finding her missing kid, but Citizen Special and I were really shaken up and it was coming to the end of our patrol so we decided to go home.

I think it was a successful patrol. Even though there was a casualty, we did the right thing.


Meanwhile, they end up posting this on some unnamed forum for other people who think they are superheroes. They were praised for their bravery in the face of danger and did the right, smart thing, and made it home safe. They were comforted by the words of people telling them that bad things like that are likely to happen every now and then, and that they can't really do anything about it.


Then, one day it turns out that Master Legend was out on his way to work for some people who needed a skilled man to do some tree work that day at a certain place. Master Legend had a weird feeling that he should go down this certain road, even though it was out of his way and he was already running a few minutes late because he had to help an elderly neighbor with an injured arm bring in their groceries, so he went and made a right turn through this one neighborhood anyway. He sees smoke so he gets to the location quick. There's no way inside the small apartment building, so he runs and jumps right through a window, breaking right through it. He quickly gets through all the rooms, kicking down doors all over the building, luckily he was able to help save every single person in the building and get them all outta there in time, not a single person there was hurt, thanks to Master Legend jumping in to action, but unfortunately, Master Legend did suffer a few cuts and bruises, and some burns on his arm, but this kind of stuff was nothing new to him.

So, he arrives at work, gets there about 25 minutes late. "Sorry I'm late, man! I had to save some people from a burning building." A few people laughed at him saying "Yeah right", but the boss man just shook his head, and with an impatient and annoyed attitude responded "Well, you're late. Are you still gonna work?" But not a single one of them asked him if he was alright, nor the details of what happened, nor did any of them seem to care.


Master Legend posts about this on his Facebook. Everyone puts him down as crazy, stupid, dangerous. They make claims that he was breaking and entering, that he should've just done the smart thing and call 911, because that would have been the right thing to do. That he could've gotten himself or someone else really badly hurt, or even killed, and that he was getting in the firefighters way and that he should'a just let them do what they were trained to do. People start making threats against him also begin to turn against him because now it's the popular thing to do, and nobody wants to be associated with him (except for a few loyal friends), because being his friend is bad for their public image. Because a lot of them would rather look like a hero to the world, rather than be a hero, in the eyes of God.


Oh wait, what's that? President Obama nominates Master Legend for the Presidential Citizen's Medal?

The second highest civilian award in the United States? Yes. Oh, look! Now all the supposed-superheroes who put him down are all trying to be his friend because now it's the cool, popular thing to do and they're claiming that they never meant any disrespect to him before.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The best episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" ever!

I saw this episode some months ago, and it was the best one ever.

From what I remember of it, it started out with someone going to a crack house and buying some crack, while some middle aged man near by puts on like a ski mask, lights up a bottle, runs up to the door, throws the lit bottle inside there, and runs, then the whole place goes in flames and blows up.

The gang leader told the guys that he wanted to know who was the one who blew the place up, and that there would be a reward for the guy who spotted the guy who did it. One of the guys in the gang while driving through the neighborhood spotted out the guy. So the gang leader told the gang member that his reward would be that he'd let him shoot and kill them. One weekend while that man with his wife and their grand-daughter were walking to church, they drove by and shot them all. The only one with any serious injuries was the grand-daughter. Just a young girl.

So, she's in the hospital, appears to be in pretty bad shape, the Doctors think there's a pretty good chance she won't pull through. So, it was either the mother or grandmother who is there with the young girl in the hospital room, as she is squirming around, trying to gasp for air, and appears to be in a lot of pain, while the other female relative is watching, scared. Just then the little girl stops moving and the machines get a flat line. The woman then starts crying, and praying to God, saying that she's too young to go and to please try to give her another chance. Then she goes silent.

Just then, a few moments later, the girl kind of flinches and ends up starting to breathe again, she appears very happy and calm. She explained how she had died and met her angel but her angel told her that she had to go back, that she had more work to do.

Since it was a pretty dangerous neighborhood they all lived in, the girl does exactly what her angel guided her to do. And supposedly her angel would still maintain communication with her after she came back to life. She went to try to set up a large prayer meeting. She would go around town giving out flyers to people. She gave one to a skeptical prostitute who tried to act polite but didn't take the girl too seriously, and as the girl with all her friends and family walked away, the prostitute crumpled up the piece of paper... then stopped... thought about it, then uncrumpled it up, and read it.

She even gave one to the very man who shot her, and whispered something in his ear after she gave him a piece of paper and walked away. The gang leader asked the gang member who shot her and the girl gave him the flyer to, what she said. Then in a paranoid way asked him again what she said. The gang member said "She said.... 'I forgive you'." You can tell that the man who shot her appeared to have seen the error of his ways now.

The gang leader was getting paranoid and angry, and eventually tried to shoot and kill the girl himself, BUT, just then, the man who had originally shot her and killed her the first time she died, had jumped between the girl and the gang leader who was shooting at her now. This time he took the bullet for the girl, he gets sent to the hospital, and the girl goes to see him in the hospital, along with the Walker Texas Ranger guy played by Chuck Norris, and the guy told the girl "You know I'm the one who shot you, right?" The girl was just like "Not anymore." So they made their peace. And, it appears that while in the hospital, this man died and came back, and also saw the angel that the girl saw.

The time I destroyed a demon in late 2010

In late 2010, for a few months, there was a woman in the Real Life Superhero Community known as Trinity, who had an ex who was in to voodoo and black magic type of stuff. Trinity got really sick all of a sudden and ended up staying sick for like about 2 or 3 weeks, and believed that a curse was put upon her.

So, I meditated, and went into the metaphysical state, I asked God to give me my metaphysical sword and to back me up with an Army of Angels, so then I went and saw Trinity in the metaphysical state. I saw a big fat black snake wrapped around her neck. I stabbed it with my metaphysical sword and in the name of Jesus, casted it away and destroyed it.

The next morning, Trinity sent me a text message, saying that when she woke up that morning, that she noticed that she was entirely healed, and thought of me for some reason. Then I explained to her what I did.

But really it was because of the help from others who taught me about this kinda stuff. Master Legend who always taught me about real metaphysical archangel powers, Wall Creeper who taught me how to effectively astral travel, Nyx who taught me about spiritual defenses, and Ecliptico who taught me a lot about supernatural abilities.

Anyway, in the next few weeks after that, I started having all kinds of bad luck from demonic attacks. Everything I owned started getting broken or lost, mostly everyone I knew started to turn against me for the stupidest reasons that were either lies other people said about me, or things I had nothing to do with, and had no control over.

I always notice that when Gods sends Angels and Archangels to Earth, that they always perform all these great miracles for people and do all kinds of good, but despite that, still go through all kinds of suffering. If you've ever seen the movie the Green Mile, different situation, but same idea.

However, there were other certain things I did to take care of these problems. God also told me that 2011 would be a really good year for me, and so far it has been.

Sometimes they say that the darkest hour is just before dawn. And it's true.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

U.S. Presidency & Vice Presidency: History, Electability, Patterns, etc.

Ever since I was in the 4th grade, I've always been a bit of a Presidential Historian. I also know patterns. Things that have repeated themselves. Things like the 0 year Presidential curse, the curse of being a U.S. Presidential Candidate who is a son or grandson of a Former U.S. President, Vice Presidents elected or re-elected in an 08 year - in which, political bias aside, I hope Joe Biden doesn't have to go through. I have seen some of these curses broken though, so hopefully he'll be alright.

For example, there have been 7 - and nearly 8 or 9 - U.S. Presidents who have died under the 0 year Presidential Curse. Thanks to Tecumseh who said that every 20 years, the great chief will die. And it all ended up happening in years ending in 1, 3, or 5.

1840: Former Senator William Henry Harrison elected President. Dies after 1 month in office in 1841.

1860: Former Congressman Abraham Lincoln elected President, re-elected 4 years later and dies after about a month into his 2nd term.

1880, Congressman (also the then-Republican Floor Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives - back then, equal to Minority Leader - for his party - at that time, at least) and simultaneously Senator-elect James Garfield elected President. Was shot in early July, 1881, Doctors operated on him for 2 and a half months looking for the bullet. By the time they found it, he had gotten infected from the knives and stuff they used to operate on him with (since back then, Doctors didn't really sterilize the needles and all that stuff like they do now) by the time they found the bullet, they found out that it was protected in a cist and he probably would've been fine if the left him alone, but he died in mid-September of 1881 from some type of infection that he received from the surgeries he had.

1900 - President William McKinley re-elected to a 2nd term, with NY Gov. Teddy Roosevelt as his running mate. (William McKinley's 1st Vice President, Garret Hobart - previously the NJ State Senate President- died after a few years into his Vice Presidency), after about 6 months into his second term, William McKinley was assassinated.

1920 - Sen. Warren G. Harding was elected, and died after 2 years into his term.

1940 - President Franklin Roosevelt elected to his 3rd term, but died after a few months into his 4th term, in 1945. (His 1st term was the shortest, as he was inaugurated on March 4th, 1933, but from his 2nd inauguration in 1937 and all U.S. Presidential inaugurations beyond that, the Presidents were inaugurated on January 20th)

1960 - Sen. John Kennedy elected President over Vice President (and future President) Richard Nixon. Died after 2 years - almost 3 - into his term.

1980 - Former Gov. Ronald Reagan elected President. After approximately 5 or 6 weeks into his first term, Ronald Reagan was shot in the back, and nearly did die then, but, he survived. Perhaps the curse has been broken? Still caused him to get shot, he just didn't die from it. Just like how James Garfield could've probably survived from his gunshot wound, but it was actually the Doctors fault for continuously operating on him - or you can blame medical research for not being advanced at the time - I'll personally put the blame on the assassin - the Doctors at least meant well.

2000 - Gov. George W. Bush elected President. 9/11/2001 - 'Nuff said.

HOWEVER, if you look up and do some research on the title of Acting President of the United States, you'll see that, sure, some Vice Presidents, and even one "U.S. Senate President pro tempore" (David Rice Atchison in March, 1849), and one First Lady (Woodrow Wilson's 2nd wife/his second First Lady, later in his second term) have performed Presidential duties in the absence of a President for one reason or another - it only lists 2 Vice Presidents who have officially been designated as "Acting President of the United States". George H.W. Bush, and Dick Cheney. Both of these men have served in U.S. Congress, and served in a few Presidential Cabinets. Both were elected Vice President in a year ending in 0, and re-elected in a year ending in 4. (1980, & 1984, and 2000, & 2004) as the number 2 man on a ticket along with a man whose most recent political position was being elected twice the Governor of one of the largest U.S. States. Ronald Reagan served 2 full terms as California Governor from 1967 to 1975, George W. Bush was twice elected Governor of Texas, in 1994, and 1998, but being the President-elect, he resigned from being Governor of Texas in December, 2000.


3 of the 4 men elected President of the United States, without winning the popular vote, were either a son or grandson of a Former U.S. President.

1824 - U.S. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, son of John Adams (President from 1797 - 1801, Vice President from 1789 - 1797) lost both the popular vote AND the electoral vote to Senator Andrew Jackson, but because Jackson won only a plurality of the electoral vote, the option was thrown in to the U.S. House of Representatives.

By the way, it still exists like that today, as well. There are only 538 electoral votes. It IS possible for both candidates to each win 269, and then the House of Representatives would have to decide - whether that be the outgoing or incoming Congress, I'm not entirely sure..... because the electors all have to meet and OFFICIALLY declare a President-elect by around December 18th, BUT, like with electing a Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, sure, after the Congressional elections which occur every 2 years, between the time of the elections and when the new Congress is inaugurated, they designate or redesignate a Speaker, as well as the Majority Leader and Minority Leader, and those other positions..... but it isn't until on that day they take office, usually on or a few days after January 3rd, following the elections. ANYWAY, I'm not sure if it's the old Congress or the new one which would have to elect the President.

BUT, in 1824, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams convinced Speaker of the House Henry Clay to convince the other members to cast their votes for John Quincy Adams - John Quincy Adams had promised Henry Clay a position in his Cabinet if he did that. Henry Clay agreed, and also took the position of Secretary of State in John Quincy Adams' cabinet. 4 years later, then-Former Senator Jackson defeated President Adams in the Presidential election. BUT, oddly enough, John C. Calhoun - who was elected with John Quincy Adams in 1824 - was running with Jackson in 1828 - and won a second term as Vice President - 2nd and final time that happened, since George Clinton - which I'll get to later in this blog entry - for another reason.

1876 - Gov. Rutherford B. Hayes - the only 1 of the 4 who wasn't a son or grandson of another former President. He won the electoral vote VS. Gov. Samuel J. Tilden by like one point, but this is also I think the only time where the losing Presidential candidate had won a majority of the popular vote.

1888- Former Indiana Senator Benjamin Harrison (grandson of William Henry Harrison, President for 1 month in 1841) had defeated incumbent President Grover Cleveland - in the electoral vote, but NOT the popular vote. Former President Grover Cleveland then beat President Benjamin Harrison in 1892.

2000 - Texas Gov. George W. Bush beat U.S. Vice President Al Gore in the electoral vote, but lost the popular vote. 2004 is the only time that one of those men who was elected that way - had ever won a second term as President, and with a majority of the popular vote, too, against Senator John Kerry.


This one has to do with the Vice Presidents.

1804 & 1808 - Former NY Gov. George Clinton - who served two separate nonconsecutive times as Governor from 1777 - 1795, and again from 1801 - 1804, was elected Vice President of the United States in 1804 as President Thomas Jefferson sought and won his second term, and re-elected to a second term as Vice President in 1808 as U.S. Secretary of State James Madison sought and won his term (of two terms) as President of the United States. But, on April 20th, 1812, he died of a heart attack.

1908 - U.S. Congressman (Also from New York) James Sherman - who had on two separate occasions served as a U.S. Congressman, from 1887 to 1891 - then again from 1893 t0 1909 - was elected Vice President in 1908, along with War Secretary William Howard Taft, then he (James Sherman) died in October 30th, 1912, after suffering an illness from gallstones and Bright's disease.

While Joe Biden was elected Vice President of the United States in 2008 - he also wasn't from New York like the other two, and he was a Senator but also unlike the other two, he only served in his previous office once all the way through for just over 36 years from January 3rd, 1973 until January 15th, 2009.


1800- Aaron Burr elected Vice President of the United States.

Anyone ever hear about the duel on July 11th, 1804, where U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr shot former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel, mortally wounding him? Here's a link:

1900- Teddy Roosevelt elected Vice President of the United States.

2000- Dick Cheney elected Vice President of the United States.

February 11th, 2006, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot his friend Harry Whittington, a 78 year old Texas Attorney, during a hunting incident. Here's a link about that:


Let's take a look at recent elections since 1964 with an incumbent President involved. See if you notice any obvious patterns here.

2004- President Bush defeats Senator Kerry
1996- President Clinton defeats Senator Dole
1984- President Reagan defeats Former Vice President Mondale (and yes, Walter Mondale was previously a U.S. Senator)
1972- President Nixon defeats Senator George McGovern
1964- President Johnson defeats Senator Barry Goldwater

BUT, also look at THIS...

1992- Gov. Clinton defeats President Bush
1980- Former Gov. Reagan defeats President Carter
1976- Former Gov. Carter defeats President Ford

See any patterns yet?.....Haha! Yeah, I thought you would.

Just a little history lesson for ya'll.

How Dreizehn helped us probably prevent a rape

Someone recently asked me about the Oracle Team, and then I thought of this certain incident. But first before I tell you what happened, I kinda gotta start from the beginning a little bit so you know where I'm coming from with certain things. I'll try to sum up the beginning details so I can get to the details more relevant to this blog entry.

During my first few months of running the Heroes Network, in mid 2007, I decided to create a team of people who had and/or wanted to develop psychic abilities, so that they could use those abilities to try to prevent accidents, crimes, and also find wanted criminals and missing people - things like that. I decided to call it the Oracle Team. I was already too busy running the Heroes Network, so I figured I could make the team as like a certain department of the Heroes Network, and I could appoint a Leader to run it for me, and with the OT Leader's advice and the HN President's consent, we also have an OT Assistant Leader to help them run it.

These seemed like (for the most part) good times for the RLSH Community. People were mostly working together, were able to respectfully disagree with each other instead of argue, insult, harrass, and threaten each other over them. When ever there arguments, they were always settled in like a week or so and then everyone got along much closer than before. There was a true sense of family/warrior-type camraderie in the RLSH Community, the kind you usually only see, feel, witness, or experience, in the military (not that I want to compare it to being like a military - but you get the point). People were more focused on doing what real heroes mainly were born to do - protect people and fight evil. But we also knew when to joke around and have fun with each other as well. It felt like a pretty good balance of seriousness and fun.

The Oracle Team had been through a few Leaders over time. In spring, 2008, it was run by Wall Creeper as the OT Leader, with Nyx as the OT Assistant Leader. And I will say, they did a DAMN good job at running it. There were chatroom meetings every week, there were conference calls all the time. They had provenly accurate psychic abilities and good leadership skills. There were also other skilled members of the team - at that time - like Dreizehn, Slapjack, Master Legend, Ecliptico, Shaaaaadow Haaaaare, Entomo, Max Mercury, Foxfire, Mr. Strange, Black Arrow, Zeitgeist. Pardon me if I'm forgetting anyone else who was on the team at that time, but anyway that was the team for the most part.

Anyway, one day, Dreizehn calls me up, freaking out, telling me about how she was supposed to take a flight from Texas to Florida, but had either a bad dream or a vision about there being a crash in some kind of mountains or something. I suggested that she cancel her flight, and she agreed to it. I also told her to warn them about it, even though we both had a feeling they'd probably be skeptical about it - and we were right - we figured it'd be the right thing to do anyway.

A few days later, I turned on the news and saw that there was a plane crash in Florida on SOME mountains. Wasn't sure if that was definetely her flight, or even one from Texas, but she did accurately predict that there would be a plane crash.

So, some time within the next week or two, Dreizehn had another vision, about there being a rape, I decided to notify the OT Leaders and have them get everyone on board with this. A bunch of us on the OT who were in the United States all got in to both the old OT Chatroom, and Wall Creeper decided that people be set up in pairs and call each other on the phone - while all of us each using google maps for the general area that Dreizehn predicted, all seeing if we could get a feel on this. I don't remember all of who paired up with who on that conference call, but, I do remember that I was on the phone with Max Mercury that night, he and I were paired up on this mission to see if we could get a feel on an area.

Then it turned out that while even though everyone was split up in to two-person groups but on the same mission, it turned out that everyone was starting to get a feel for the same area, and a similar time, and situation, so we all agreed on the most likely scenario, so we had Dreizehn make an anonymous phone call to the police in that area, and she was even slightly ridiculed by them with a little bit of skepticism at first, but since she was giving an anonymous phone call, she had the right to not give out how she knew about it just as long as she explained to them what the likely situation was, and when & where it might happen, and she told them to check out that area and continuously keep checking that area for the next few hours, at least until it got light out.

We heard of no reports of any rapes from that location, following that OT mission. Whether or any actual rape or attempted rape was prevented or not, we're not sure. But I still wanted to make sure that this story was told.

One of the first times I kicked someone's ass. Plus, a lesson in life!

I was in middle school at this time, there I was, sitting in lunch, minding my own business, not bothering anyone, and there was this ugly fat kid sitting to the left of me - he looked like Granpa Munster. He picked up one of my lunch snacks - which were just a little bag of goldfish crackers, crumbled it right there in front of me and laughed in my face.

So I grabbed his hair with one hand, quickly yanked his head straight back and downward, punched that motherfucker in the eye. Everyone stopped what they were doing because I had for the most part usually been friendly to people. They were shocked and surprised.

He stopped laughing REAL fast. His eyes got all red and he was quietly sobbing to himself, trying not to cry. I calmed down for a second but then the rage came back again and then I punched him a few more times. He didn't say or do a damn thing to me again for the rest of that lunch time.

In the locker room later before gym, he tried attacking me again, I wasn't really in the fighting mood now so I went into this zen mode. You might've seen me do this in my YouTube video at where Apocalypse Meow kicked me in the balls, where my body sort of freezes in to this position and I get this crazy man wide-eyed look on my face, you could probably shoot me and it wouldn't effect me, until after I came out of that mode.

So the guy goes to throw the first punch at me but just then I go into full zen mode - kinda like a Jedi - and fully give myself to God - and while I do this, I can feel the guy's motives and where he's going to attack me and how - which was mostly on my stomache area, so it's hard to describe in full detail how I did this but by doing what I did, the guy hurt himself attacking me, perhaps by punching me wrong or maybe my body moved a certain way as he punched me, but by punching me, he ended up hurting his wrist. Nothing happened to me.

So there, I win again. I do remember someone asking me why I didn't fight back that time, I'm all like, "Did I even have to?" He throws all the punches this time and I'm still the one who kicked his ass.

Someone reading this might accuse me of endorsing youth violence. For anyone who is thinking that, don't be stupid, listen to the points I'm trying to teach people through my blogs. It's not so much that I endorse youth violence, but what I am really against is people trying to bully others. And if you go out of your way to disrespect someone, ruin their life, or even just the rest of their day, especially when they never said nor did anything bad to you to begin with, don't you dare get mad at them nor expect sympathy from anyone. You got what you deserved, asshole.

I do see that a lot. Not this specific thing but similar idea. I warn people: Don't fuck with me, I can be a very friendly person, but when fucked with, I can be the most vengeful person. Someone deliberately fucks with me anyway. I try to be fair and warn them because I'm not out to ruin people's lives, but when someone is out to ruin mine, I can get very nasty (but hey at least I'm fair enough to give a heads up about that). I keep trying to be fair and warn them (this depends on who and what this is, obviously) they ignore me (ignoring someone is one of the most disgusting insult you can ever give to both yourself and the person you're ignoring - alongside "Assuming"). Then, the person keeps doing what I kindly ask them not to, and then I strike back worst than they could have ever imagined. Then, they act all shocked and surprised, like I'm the one that did something wrong.

I really wish that people could just learn to see things from my point of view. I see so much stupidity in the world, it disgusts me.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let me know if you have any prayer requests

If you have any prayer requests, please let me know. You can either post a response to this blog entry, or contact me privately. If you wish to contact me privately you can send me an email at Tothian(at)msn(dot)com. Title the subject line exactly word for word exact spelling and everything as follows in bold font: Prayer Request for Rev. Tothian

Let me know what troubles you (and/or whom ever you want me to pray for) are having and what you need me to ask God for when I pray for you, and as long as your intentions are genuinely good, and aren't evil, I will say a prayer for you. If needed and I'm able to, I'll also try to help in whatever way I can, and/or even direct you to someone who could help you.

It doesn't even matter if you and I aren't friends and perhaps even have many reasons to hate each other. As both a Reverend in the human flesh, and also the Archangel Michael in my spirit form, I work directly for God Himself, and if you need His help, I don't want anyone to be separated from having a special closeness with God, and neither does He. Like I said, as long as your intentions are genuinely good, and not evil, then if you ask me to say a prayer for you, then I will say a prayer for you.

More things to pray to God for!

This is kind of a follow up to my previous sermon, about people praying to God, which if you haven't read yet, you can do so here:

Now, it's not that it's bad to ask God for help, as long as you're not asking anything while having evil intentions, but one thing that I would encourage people to pray to God for this - in addition to having Him send people who pray to Him for help, and you, to each other so that you can help them, thus glorifying God's good name - is also to pray for God to help others that you notice in the world in need of help. Be it a random stranger you saw on the street who seemed sad or angry, or someone you know who is sick, hurt, disabled in one way or another, going through other types of grief or miseries in their life. Or anything you can think of that is affecting good people who don't deserve to be suffering in such ways.

You could also post openly to people on other social networks you use, to let them know that if they have any prayer requests that aren't motivated by any evil intentions, that they can send them to you and let them know to have faith in God, and also that you WILL pray for them. They can ask you openly or privately, whichever they prefer. Don't be shy or embarrassed to post about that openly, nor to tell people about that in person, neither, because God will be proud of you. The Devil will hate it though, but who cares... Hahaha!

This shows God that you're a good person who isn't only thinking about yourself, that in addition to Him helping you out when you need it, that you also want such blessings to be shared with others as well.

I'm also gonna post another blog entry about this as well, but I also want to add this into this blog entry too. I want to invite any of my friends here to share any prayer requests you may have, either openly here in this blog, or if you prefer, you can also send it to me privately in an email. If you don't have it, it's Tothian(at)msn(dot)com - and again, as long as it's nothing evil, I will say a prayer for you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prayers should be more than just asking God for help

So often, you'll hear people praying to God, asking for Him to do things for them. And at times, God will be able to do them for you. But, for people who think that praying to God just means asking Him for things, my question is: Is God, the one who is a being of unconditional love and limitless wisdom and power, Someone you just want to constantly take things from and always ask favors from and ignore Him the rest of the time? Is that something you think is fair, to just continuously take from Him? Is that how you show your love to God? The one who has done so much for all of us. Even sent His own son to suffer and die for our sins so that we can able to live forever in the Kingdom in Heaven.

If you're going to ask God for anything, then why not, for once, ask God what you could do for Him? When you pray, ask Him to give you the guidance and the power to do His will for Him here on Earth. For who ever is asking Him for help, to have God guide you to those people, or them to you, or both of you to each other. Glorifying God's good name by doing good for others, protecting people, healing the sick and hurt, saving lives, fighting evil, being a messenger of His by preaching the word of the bible, or just telling others a certain helpful philosophy, or even just making people smile and laugh, or to comfort them in times of sadness. Whatever good you feel drawn to do you know it is because God is guiding you to it. That person you come across who is in need of help in some way, that you're able to help.

There are plenty of people out there constantly praying to God for all kinds of help, all the time. So, in understanding that, why not make God's job easier and help those people? Not only is it not impossible, it's also a lot easier than you would think. God is always speaking to all of us, you just have to choose to listen. And you know He gives you the power to do what He is asking you to do, otherwise He wouldn't ask you to do it.


I say these words to you right now, because I know You can read them. I want to thank You for everything good You've ever done for me, my friends, my family, and all the good people of the world. I understand that countless people are praying to you at this very moment, asking You for help. To make Your job easier, all I will ask from You is to guide me to those people so that I can help them and by doing so, prove to them Your unconditional love for those people, thus letting them know that You really do hear and answer prayers.

And may God bless all of my friends reading this.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Other Aspects of What Really Are, But Are Ignored

People often take things at face value and ignore the other aspects of something. One of my goals isn't always to "make people think something". Rather, I intend to "show you the way I think" because I believe there's an importance to it.

There are things in the world that exist but are ignored. To give ya'll a few examples, if I were to ask most people what a magnet does, they would tell me that "It attracts". But they're ignoring the aspects of it that are neutral and also push away.

If I were to ask you how many sides there is to a coin, I'm pretty sure that mostly everyone would tell me "Two sides. Heads and Tails." Wrong. There's three sides to every coin. One side, and the other, which, ok sure, are often heads and tails. But people forget the third side of a coin, and that's the edges.

Reoccurring Dreams

It was I think around last month. I had a horrible nightmare that when I looked up in the sky, the moon was a lot closer to Earth. It kept getting closer and closer to Earth.  The closer it got to Earth the faster it came at us. It was the creepiest thing I'd ever seen. It eventually crashed down into the Earth right on top of me.

When I woke up, later that day I found out from someone that later that week, that the moon would be closer to the Earth than it ever would be in I forget how long. Although on that night, when I looked up at the moon, it didn't actually look much closer, but it did look a LOT brighter.

Sometime within the past week or so, I had a dream that it was December 21st, 2012, and all the planets were aligned - not exactly as like a straight line, but, I saw the moon in the sky and it looked a bit bigger, and Venus was kind of lower than the moon, to the right. I saw Mars in the sky to the left, a little above it. It started to come at the Earth a lot faster. This one felt even worse than the moon dream.

Luckily, afterwards, I did have one of my reoccuring flying dream again. Every single time I have them they feel physically real, and each time I fully believe that it's not a dream like all the other times, and that each time it's actually happening. The way it works, is, I'm flapping either my arms like wings, or my Archangels wings, as I'm running, then I take a leap into the air, and then I can fly. Sometimes it's almost as if I'm given a challenge in some way and it becomes harder for me to fly and I'm not able to fly very high, nor fly for very long. However, what it always does is strengthen my wings, so that I can eventually in the dream fly higher and longer. My whole life, I've always believed that one day I'd actually be able to fly like that.

The First Time Tothian Saved a Life

It was January, 1996, I was just 10 years old. A bunch of kids in my town were being stupid but having fun playing in the creek and the water was frozen over when there was a lot of snow outside. The ice cracked and some girl I knew had fallen in, and immediately without thought or hesitation, I jumped in after her, and got her out. She was fine, and I was thankful for that.

As for me, my body didn't handle it too well. Actually, I got really sick and caught a pneumonia and was out of school for like over a week, maybe two but it was probably just a little more than a week.

When I kinda sorta mostly healed and back at my school again, the teacher was asking me about what happened, the incident where the girl saved me and where I got sick.

I'm like, "Wait, what?" Then the girl I saved had confessed to the teacher that she lied, and that it was really me who saved her. So the whole week or two I was away, getting sick after saving her, everyone thought that she saved ME. But, the truth did then present itself though.

And in case you're wondering, I have no regrets about this.

Contact With The Other Side

It was in late July, 2004, when I was hanging out with my grandmother at her place, she was dying of cancer and we were playing poker as we always liked to do, unfortunately this was the last time we got to do that, and also our last conversation, on earth that is. I could empathically feel that her spirit was slowly starting to separate from her body, it was almost as if my spirit could see it. Anyway, she told me that she didnt think she was gonna be around too much longer, and even how sometimes she would see my grandfather's spirit sometimes. He had died about 8 yrs prior to then, maybe even to the day. Anyway, i told her to visit me after she died, but not to be creepy about it. She laughed (because we got along well since we could always be honest with each other and make fun of each other like that) and she said okay. A few weeks later she died while I was training with my Marine reserve unit that weekend, I didnt even get to find out until the next day after i had been on my way home.

We didnt even have a regular funeral for her. Just me and my dad were there burying her ashes over my grandfather's grave, I'm the one who put her in the grave and buried her myself. And we had a memorial service like a month later. Anyway... it was at least a few times a week i would see her in my dreams. I could always tell it was really her, because of how realistic it always felt, each time. Theres some things in life you just know. Anyway, a few months later, I had a dream i was 5 yrs old again, I ran outside and saw both my grandparents, they had their old car but it looked new again. I got in the backseat while my grandfather drove and my grandmother was in the passenger seat. This is probably the only dream i ever remember having that was so clear and so bright, I felt the happiest, calmest, most peaceful and joyous feeling I had ever felt, it was also so liberating to be that young again and I was so happy to see my grandparents again! I dont remember how that dream ended exactly, but...

After I woke up & I saw my mom I said "You're never gonna believe the dream I had last night!" she looked at me so shocked & amazed, & said "You're never gonna believe mine!" so she told me her dream first. In her dream, I was 5 years old, & my grandmother called her up on the phone & told her that her & my grandfather had gotten a new car & that they were coming over to pick me up. I got chills when she told me that. It was proof enough for me that it was an actual visit & not just a dream, & it also proved to her that all those dreams i was telling her about back then which had been happening at least a few times a week for about a few months, had actually been real, not just me having regular dreams, & not just making things up, neither. About a week or two later, I saw my grandmother again , this time in this clouded scenery and possibly heaven's gates in the background, I specifically remember clearly seeing her face & clearly hearing her voice.

She told me that it was the last time that she would be able to visit me like that. I remembered feeling really sad, but we hugged one more time, I had tears in my eyes and she said not to worry because we would see each other again someday.... Then we waved goodbye to each other and then I woke up, with tears in my eyes. I never saw her again in a dream after that. I did have dreams OF her, BUT it wasnt HER, those didnt look nor feel real they only felt like regular dreams. And even those few dreams werent for a long while afterwards. My grandmother's spirit visited me for about 4 months after she died, at least a few times a week but maybe sometimes more. But, at least i did somewhat get some closure there, and I am thankful that she was able to visit me even after she died, and so did my grandfather that one time and I think even a few years prior to that I went to heaven to visit him and even then I also appeared 5 years old in spirit form.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oxymoronic Misconceptions, Don't Worry People I'm Here to Correct Them

I know these things because I've been around before what is was is, and my personal connection with God has opened me up to a source of wisdom and enlightenment I can't even begin to explain (LOL, well, I "can", but you get the point), but I see a lot of stupid things being said, but don't worry, because as a Messenger of God, I'm here to correct a lot of the stupidity out there in the world.

There are a lot of people out there who do things semi-similar to how I do things. Referred to as Real Life Superheroes, they're each unique in their own way. Me personally I don't really like to be called that. I'm Tothian, I'm too unique to be classified. So, I kind of get annoyed when I see people speaking for a community of people that aren't really supposed to be spoken for. There will always be something people disagree with. While there's organizations or teams within the community - as a whole, it's not an organization, and it's not a movement - and because of the vast level of diversity you'll see, nobody can represent anyone but themselves - be it for better or for worse.

Just as for better or for worse, I represent nobody but myself. And also for better or for worse, nobody else represents me. No more of that false "guilt by association" line of thinking, not even the "praise by association". Unless you want to accept the fact that "everyone" is all associated in some way, we're all part of the same story of this world.

A term, or title that is varied based on individual perception, and types and levels of involvement that vary due to the individual's motives that are formed due to personal morals, ethics, goals, life experiences, and other reasons and things that have to due with an individual - nobody can speak for "all of them". Nor should anyone who ever reads, sees, hears of, or witnesses such a thing ever be ignorant enough to group together into a classification. That's called an assumption, and you know what people make when they "assume".

Also, the other thing I wanted to bring up was the term being "Inactive" or "Retired" - there's no such fucking thing. You were born, you're alive. We all die some day but even the spirit lives on beyond that. In my mind, body, and spirit, I'm fully aware of my purpose in life, and I have been from as far back in life as I can remember. That's to protect people and fight evil. There's no such thing as "quitting". I don't even think it's even possible to just stop. Nor would I ever want to even if it was possible. This is who I am and that can't be changed. The specific mission, or specific methods can at times change, but the overall mission and who you are as a whole, never changes. If you are truly serious about this, you will find that it's not just something you decide to do one day just because it sounds like it'll be kinda fun, nor that it's the cool new thing to do. No. It's a calling. It's something you know you have to do, and find yourself reacting in situations before your mind even realizes what's going on. That's how you know it's who you are in spirit. Awake or asleep, alive or dead.

And I want ya'll to know right now that I'm not always posting things on the internet all the time, I'm not usually gonna talk about my patrols nor the things I do out there on the streets and in the world, as I do prefer some level of privacy in my life, even though at times I like to communicate with others and either goof around or share my thoughts or network or whatever. Don't EVER assume I've just stopped being me or stopped doing what I do. Like I said, it's not even a case of could it be possible or impossible - it just doesn't even exist in my dictionary. For light will always be light, even when you cannot see it, and the tree that falls in the forest that nobody hears really DOES make a sound.

If you're observant enough and a deep enough thinker, you will have even noticed that I've kinda contradicted myself in a few places in this blog. I say how you can't speak for everyone, but here I'm telling you how here's how it is for you. Well, as I've said before, the way my mind works it's hard to piece together the thoughts in human words, so I do the best I can.

Anyway, if you're wondering about that, allow me to explain. Each person is different, and is meant to be different, and I believe that that is meant to be fully known and understood. But, I still have my own bold opinions on what is and what isn't as well as what is effective and not effective. The ways of thinking that are best able to determine a person's actions, and help them understand their calling in life. That's the best way I can explain it and that's all I have for now. I hope this clears up some things for ya'll.

Beware of How Society Works, Turn the Tides

There is a kind of psychological pattern that society often repeats. It makes people feel powerful. And what I'm referring to is the process of building up, just to break down. Society builds up these large buildings and monuments, because that makes them feel powerful to create them. Then, it makes them feel even more powerful just to take them down. The people constantly idolize people and practically worship them as heroes, just to break them down and villainize them. Beware of that pattern. You see it a lot with celebrities, be it actors or politicians.

But, then there's the opposite of doing that. Think of the military process. They break you down first, both mentally, physically, you find yourself being treated worse than you've ever been treated before, you feel weaker than you've ever felt before and are put through so much strenuous exercises and are constantly exhausted. Over time, you begin to build up, you get stronger, and eventually you pick up rank and are treated with more respect. This process is better, to be broken down first, and THEN built up. Look at Jesus. He was treated like a criminal, he was tortured, beaten, humiliated, crucified on a cross for days, left there to starve and then he died. He did that and then rose from the dead so that we could have everlasting life in the kingdom of heaven, if you believe in him as your Lord & Savior and know that he died to pay your debt for your sins. He's a good example of someone who was broken down in the worst way it could've happened to anyone, just to be built up as like the King of Kings.

My advice to the people of the world - don't build yourselves up nor let others build you up so that you may be set up to be broken down. Instead, allow yourselves to be broken down first. If you're on Step 9 and you want to get to step 10, go back to step 1, then go straight to step 10 from there. You might just see something going down and then going back up again that you didn't see the first time you were walking up those stairs.

Do NOT become the delicious gourmet meal that gets eaten then turned into poop hours later after being released from the body. INSTEAD, think of how diamonds are created and be more like that.

None of this "first impression!" crap. That's a purely emotional response, it's a compulsive thing, detach yourself from that line of thinking immediately and open your mind to the divine wisdom of how things truly are and are meant to be, but are rarely seen for what it is. Make it less about the destination and more about the journey itself all together.

You may find that many things I say can't always be taken at face value. Philosophically speaking there are multiple meanings for a lot of the things I say. And I can't even begin to speak a fraction of what actually goes on in my mind. I can do what I can though. And what I can tell you is that if you open yourself up to God, that he can grant you with the divine wisdom as well.

Monday, April 11, 2011

As I seek to expose evil - yes that's right, Tothian Strikes Back

First of all, there are countless evildoers on the planet. But first I must start with the ones that aren't as obvious to the media. While I myself, when in the media, have always tried to portray the eloquent jerk side of me, I hate it when others out there pretend to be these perfect people that they're not.

While I respect the intentions of some, trying to inspire others to be better people, I personally believe that you can inspire more people to do good in the world when you show them that even people such as yourselves - who aren't perfect - can still do good in the world.

I don't need pretend internet blogging supervillains blogging about what a rude guy I am - I can do that perfectly fine on my own. That's who I am and that's the side of me I prefer to show people first. Fucking dumbasses. Nobody can get disappointed in me if they can understand and appreciate me for even my worst traits first. You're only trying to show them what I already show them myself.

Yes that's right. Just because I'm a Reverend - don't expect me to be a nice guy. All I've ever said all along was never set your own expectations of me - I follow nobody's standards but my own. I became a Reverend because God told me to do it - to give that divine wisdom to people, of things they needed to know. Noah himself used to be a murderer and while I'm NOT one myself, that's just an example of how God does work in mysterious ways of give good people who've done bad things, ways to redeem themselves.

There are a few people I can think of off the top of my head, roaming around the RLSH Community - who I don't like. Seriously. At all. I don't think it would be fair to speak their names here, but the actions I will speak of. Besides, I believe I've made it known to those few people who they are. While they've tried to silence my voice or only speak about me in place where I don't have the chance to speak my mind - AFTER pretending to be nice to me, then talking a world of crap about me behind my back - when I saw right through their false kindness from the beginning. The little fat guys in spandex who believe it's more heroic to stand 50 ft away from a woman getting stabbed to death while you can dress up like a super-hero, but just call 9-11  - y'know, looking out for yourself, legally, while a woman fucking gets stabbed to death. You're not a super-hero you're a piece of shit and everybody knows it. Everyone knows about Genovese Syndrome.

Phoenix Jones exposed these types of losers in recent media as the pathetic worthless unheroic jokes that they are, and I celebrated a huge victory that day. The days of fat guys in spandex getting glorified for settling for being less, while those who strive to be more get put down for being crazy and dangerous - ARE OVER! The people see the truth. It's pretty obvious that people will feel safer when they know that an actual real life superhero is patrolling their neighborhood, and not a two-faced cowardly fat nerd in spandex who looks like a troll under a bridge or a miniature santa clause or a garden gnome who will eat a gallon of ice cream while there's a burning building, but while he's dressed up as a superhero, standing a mile away, he'll call 9-11, and while the real superheroes that are the firefighters in this situation arrive, watch this guy take all the credit, whereas if an ACTUAL Superhero ran inside the burning building to, y'know, actually do something superheroic, like, oh, I don't know, actually save everyone in the building, they'll get condemned as being crazy, stupid, and dangerous.

And I'm fucking tired of that crap already. People who try to hold ACTUAL RLSH's back from great acts of heroism - are villains. And it's even worse when they call themselves heroes. I'm tired of people trying to water down the term of actual superheroism, and then having the fucking nerve to get "offended" when I don't glorify someone as a true superhero for being a fat two-faced nerd in spandex who makes a name and puts on a spandex uniform. Well, pardon me. If everyone was a superhero, nobody would be. You gotta earn it. It doesn't just get handed out like candy on Halloween. I don't care who hates me for my opinion because that's just how it is and if you hate me for my opinion then it's because I didn't bow down to you and view you as a hero when you didn't deserve the title. Guess what. I've most likely been doing this a LOT longer than you and might have a lot more training than you, and I still don't call myself a hero. It's up to the protected to grant their protectors the title of superhero. Even when given, it can never be assumed. And no, just making a name & uniform doesn't grant you the title.

Last year I was on patrol in NYC with a bunch of people, and while I was being so alert as to pay attention to every single thing going on around me, someone who looks like a minuature Santa Clause just kept staring at me like he had a little schoolgirl crush on me. Just then a big ole' truck was coming. Instantly without a single thought or hesitation, I pushed him outta the way. While everyone in the group stared at me like I was some great hero who did something awesome, I got really mad and told everyone to quit fucking staring at me. Just remember that, and unless you were there you won't know who I'm talking about but if you were, then you know who I'm talking about and just remember that.

Events in my life that led me to where I am now

Getting the name TothianMy whole life, the name "Tothian" was in my head. I couldn't say it, I couldn't think directly of it, but I knew it. The best way I could describe it to you was, it's like that song you hear one day, and then later on, you are thinking of it, but can't remember anything about it, but still you remember it, remember hearing it and everything. But for some reason it's like at the tip of your tongue. You could almost say it. That's how it was for me for years of my life, until the name just came to me one day, and I instantly knew that that was it, and saw who I was meant to be.

Why I have a passion for protecting people
Growing up, I had parents who were really good parents, and a father who while was a really good father, also had a very angry violent side to him, but, wasn't entirely his fault. When he grew up, his father was a violent alcoholic. Me growing up, my father who had previously fought in the Vietnam War as a U.S. Marine and to some level had PTSD, was very angry and did hit me and my brother a lot when we were young. And my brother who went through the same stuff I went through, introduced me to the idea of super-heroes at an early age. All that did was create this uncontrollable passion within me for wanting to protect people. When I see someone - anyone - getting attacked, I get flashbacks of my early childhood and without thinking I immediately react without thought or hesitation to protect people. I can be but I'm not always the nicest person in the world - in fact, I can be the meanest person anyone has ever met. But I do mean well. I have to protect people, that's the primary thing I care about doing in life. I don't wan't people to suffer the way I did. I feel like a machine that's automatically made to act as necessary in any given situation.

Why I'm known as a mean person
One of my fears is becoming the very evil I hate most in this world. And that's two-faced people. I can understand and sometimes respect people being rude to me, because it establishes this foundation of truth and honesty, and from there it makes it easier to make peace from there. But, people who are rude and honest, I find it refreshing. I know where their motivations lie and feel like I can trust them more. I hate to say to trust me but one thing you can trust me to do is, if I don't like you or if I have a problem with you, I'll let you know - unless you ignore me or block me from contacting you. Otherwise, one thing I'll never do for anyone no matter how much they mean to me is pretend to like anyone that I don't like. So if I ever say anything nice to anyone, know that it's genuine. If I ever say anything mean to you, take it for what it's worth, which is usually worth it's weight in gold in humor & honesty, a rare trait you won't find often, that might actually help you and teach you a valuable life lesson. I'd rather people hate me before they like me, because I feel like the best way to truly understand and appreciate someone is to see their worst sides first, and accept them for who they are. If not accepted, then oh well. At least you know you're more like to see who your real friends are in the world.