Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don't wait until someone dies...

Don't wait until someone dies in order to say something nice about them. There are likely some people you know that are either your enemies or former friends or even people you are friends with now but don't talk to very often.

Don't wait until they die in order to say something nice about them, and then think you're honoring them and their friends and families by saying that. That's actually a huge insult both to all of them and to your own self. Being two-faced is dishonoring who you are. And lying to them or waiting until the person dies in order to say something nice is an insult because why should it have to take someone dying in order for you to say something nice to them? Why couldn't you say it while they were still alive?

I'm not saying you have to say mean things about a person after they die because obviously that's a whole different kind of not cool, in the opposite way of the point I'm trying to make here. Because in that situation they can't defend themselves.

What I mean, is take a look at the people who you know that are still alive. And find some way to show them some form of honor and respect now, today, while it can still mean something to them. Because if they aren't alive to see it, what should it matter to them how many nice words you say about them? They'll never get to rejoice in what you could've said. It's always a great feeling when an enemy becomes a friend, especially if the enemy had previously been a friend of your's.

And if you still want to dislike someone and not show them any form of honor and respect, then don't show it to them after they die. Because who they were while they were alive is no different now that they're not alive anymore. If you really respect a person, show it to them while they're still alive and if you really respect them you will respect them for who they are, and that includes both their good and their bad traits, and whether they're alive or dead.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The meaning of "Tothian"

So many people have asked me over the years what my name means. It isn't anything that defines me. I define my name, rather than it define me. My whole life before I got the name, I knew that there was a name in my head that I was meant to be known as. It always felt like a song I once heard but couldn't even remember the tune nor the lyrics. Then one day it came to me and it instantly clicked and flashed and I saw a vision of myself some years in the future in one of my then-future Tothian suits. While it is meant to sound like a Medieval Warrior or Jedi Knight, that's just the feel of it rather than a description.

I'm a Warrior and a Protector born on a very important mission to destroy evil and save the world. I'm also on a mission to help the real superheroes and remain a thorn at the side of supervillains and fake superheroes. My name is Tothian, and I destroy evil.

There is no such thing as a Hero quitting nor retiring

This isn't intended for me to speak for you as if I knew all of your own personal situations in your lives. There could be things that some of you are not saying for your own personal reasons, and I can understand that.

But, heroism isn't a job. (Some will argue that the military, firefighters, doctors, etc. are - and yes that is true - but even then it's not the job itself it's the individuals doing it) It's something we do because we're needed to do it. The world needs heroes. The goals and mission can change in accordance with what we can do and feel drawn to do, but the world will always need heroes in one way or another.

Since I was born and have always known that I was drawn to do this, I had long hoped for there to be others. Then after several long years of feeling out of place in this world, it all slowly started to form. And there were so few of us. Then over the years it started to grow. So many good friends have come and gone over the years, and I miss my good old friends in the superhero community who aren't doing this anymore or just not around the internet anymore. And if any of my old friends are reading this, I want you all to know that I haven't forgotten about you guys and I would be very glad to hear from you again.

Stay motivated, keep each other motivated, remember why you chose to do this and look at how the world will still need you. There is a lot for us to do. Keep it interesting and keep it real (or unreal, as long as it's interesting, haha) and don't lose sight of a better world that you can create, not as much with the results as much the actions.

I don't wanna hear that anyone is "retired". This is what I think of when people are retired:

Old people sitting around in a rocking chair waiting to die.

Even if you can't do what you want to do nor in the exact ways you want to do it, whether at all or anymore, the question you ask yourself shouldn't be "Can I still do this?" but rather "How can I still do this in some way?"

Even if you're hurt or sick or old or not that strong, you can still learn skills that could still help others in some way.

And even if you're too busy doing other non superhero related things, never deny nor forget the importance of friendship with other superheroes, be it the ones you've known before, or the newer ones who will live a better life and be a better superhero because of the guidance, wisdom, and friendship that you have to offer.

And also take this in to consideration too. Every bit of advice you give to another superhero that they use to help someone else, you are indirectly helping those people through that superhero.

If things didn't go your way and you want to quit because of that, that's like starving yourself because you're hungry. If things don't go your way, that's all the more reason to keep doing everything you can to fix it or make up for it the best you can.

The way of the superhero isn't a job, but rather a way of life. It's who you are and what you're meant to do. It's within you forever whether you like it or not and you can't ignore it, especially while you're still alive and that this is a world that needs more heroes, not less of them.

The actions and standards of one superhero do not represent all

I don't like having to tell people the same things over and over again. The actions of one superhero do not represent all of them. We're a Community, NOT a Movement. But that's a good thing. Superheroes are amongst the more diverse categories of people that there is, you can't define all them as a whole with words, but you can witness and experience the actions and good vibes of it all. See my earlier blog post about that Heroic Box Theory.

But I've said this before and I'll say it again. Nobody else represents me and I represent nobody else. I don't care if you tell me "Oh, but the public won't see it that way." Then what good is it ever saying anything at all if one of my most important messages is going to be ignored? I'm not going to sit back at a comment like that and be like, "Alright." I'm just going to try that much harder to try to inform people of the truth, rather than settle for stupid misconceptions.

It's like there are countless gaps that each hero seems to find their own way to fill it the way they know that they were meant to. And sometimes, certain hero's find themselves with missions that contradict each other. It's unfortunate but it does have a deeper purpose behind it, representing a sense of lacking forced conformity.

I hear a lot of talk about how superheroes should hold themselves to higher standards when in their suit (and costumes are for Halloween, NOT for Patrolling). And that could mean countless things, even things that contradict each other. Yes, it's always great when people want to better themselves. BUT, it shouldn't be for the sake of looking good to others, it should be a reminder to themselves, if anything. Well, as for that, taking off the suit doesn't take away the purpose. And what are the higher standards exactly? Fighting against a friend who did something wrong? Or taking their side when everyone turns against them? Are you gonna choose to be a hero for more people? Or are you going to be the hero to one person who needs it more? Or does it depend on what was done exactly? And if so, what kinds of things? My advice would be, know your self and what you believe and don't base your opinions off of what other people will think of you. Don't ever change your beliefs to please the people you respect, because if they are worth respecting, they won't think less of you for your beliefs.

And what I say about how none of us represent each other - unless you give someone the right to represent you, not because of personal bias towards them, but rather because you honestly feel they represent your beliefs and do the same things that you do in the same way you do them. Anyway, that doesn't mean that there can't be camaraderie. The fact that we're all different from each other shouldn't be the thing to divide us, but rather unite us. That's what makes things really interesting. And it's one thing to save the world, but if you can make it fun and interesting for everyone, then you can better motivate it to want to save itself.

And no, while none of us are perfect, I don't think evil should have any place in any of this camaraderie talk I say. That includes the villains and the fake heroes who portray themselves as good on the media but in reality aren't as nice as they portray themselves as. That's another reason I don't want anyone else representing me and I don't represent anyone else, because so many fakes in the media who are too focused on portraying themselves as "good" (even though only like half of them are genuinely good and half of them are not) rather than portraying themselves as they honestly are.

We don't have to put on a false image of perfection - because we're not perfect, but when only the good sides are seen, it shows people that they're hiding something. If we only show the good sides, what do we do, inspire good people who don't need much change, to be good people? We make a better change if we inspire not so good people to be better, and in order to be that, in some ways you'll need to be able to relate to them. People are more inspired by people that they feel like they can relate to in some way. That doesn't mean say everything about yourself, because some mystery is good. But if you're gonna show the world your good traits, are you also prepared to show them some bad traits as well?

By showing both good and bad traits, you will learn who your real friends are. If people only see your good traits, they will like what they interpret of you. And if it's only good, sure they'll like you. But then see how some of them will stop being your friend and stop respecting you once they see some bad traits. Those people aren't real friends, because your real friends will want to be your friends whether they see your good traits or bad traits.

Stay true to yourselves and don't be afraid to be interesting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Heroic Box of 4 Boxes

I've been working on this sort of theory that defines the different aspect of heroism. Each hero can have 3 dots of where they fall in this box. This is pretty much just a rough draft, but it can be evolved over time.

And this is not intended to divide people. If anything, it's to remind us of how we're all united within this box. What I hope for is for it to lead to a sense of helping people realize who they are and what they're meant to do. And the fact that we're all different means that we can all use that to know not if we can work together, but rather how. For example, the ways we are different are the ways we can use to balance each other out. The most common example is if there's a hit and run, who goes after the bad guy and who helps the victim?

Anyway, here's the 3 things that can determine where a person fits in this box, but rather more of a triangle. You can have 3 spots in it, all of which can form a triangle.

1- Skills and things that one is able to do.

2- Actions and things they've done and do.

3- Ideals and goals and things they believe in and what their motivations and passions are.

So each RLSH or even regular people - have a triangle in this box but it depends on

Here's a picture of the box to describe what I'm talking about.

Many people will ask me where do they stand in the box. It's not something I can just say "You're in this spot or that spot" unless I know you really well but even I don't know everything about you. What you're skilled to do, trained to do, able to do. Every single thing you've done in your life, or as your hero-self, or if you count them as the same or separately. Or if you want to take in to account what you most believe in personally and seek to do when you patrol, or what you morally believe in.

Each person's perceptions of an action or actions can be different if you take in to consideration the action itself and how much skill went in to it + how much was risked or sacrificed by the heroes in consideration + the consequences and the perception of the consequences of different aspects of it.

Mixing some fictional and real life examples, someone like The Punisher is in the top right corner of the Top Right box. All he does is kill the bad guys. That doesn't sound heroic so let's look at the Navy SEALs. They killed some Somali Pirates and saved one of the victims they captured. The media referred to those Navy SEALs as Real Life Superheroes. And it's true. But the fact that they killed the bad guys would put them in the top right box, on the top line, and because they saved a victim who was captured and could've been killed, that moves them a little bit more to the middle of that Top Right box.

Someone who is more of an observe and report type, or neighborhood watch type who is also focused on going after the bad guys, but doesn't necessarily have the ability to fight them, or just chooses not to, so they're doing it the easier way and also taking a less hands on approach, but does it in a sense that they give information to the police or even other RLSH's to make sure something is done about it, would be in the Bottom Right box. Someone who is more of a Detective or who fights crime but does it by legal standards would move a little farther up but still in the Bottom Right Box.

For someone who is simply just a good person and wants to help people, a simple make a sad person laugh, hold a door open for a person, help an old lady with her groceries, doing a simple good deed, in the Bottom Left box. When someone starts doing charity and things such as helping feed a homeless person, it moves up but still in the Bottom Left box. Same thing with First Aid. Depending on the severity of the need for help and how much went in to it can move it up between the Bottom Left and Top Left box. Once someone runs in to a burning building and saves someone's life or jumps in to a frozen lake to save someone from drowning or hypothermia or saves someone from being attacked by a shark or something, would move someone to the very Top Left corner of the Top Left box.

For someone who simply sees it as "If someone needs help, I help them." and does anything they can, moves them to the very middle where all 4 boxes meet.

Basically, the top represents above and beyond be it by skill or action. The bottom represents the easier and more simple stuff.

For myself, when you take my training of things I'm trained to do, I'm more trained for combat, so that puts me in the top right box. A little bit of first aid training puts me a little bit to the left part of the Top Right box. And because I consider myself a Protector, I'm in the top right but where the top two boxes meet. Since my focus is on stopping the bad guys, but my motivation is so that the people will be protected.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments

Real Life Supervillains

Whether you want my advice or not, you're the one reading my blog so I'm going to give it to you.

If you call yourself an RLSV or aspire to be one, give it up. This isn't a joke and there is nothing funny about you. And you serve as an insult to all that is good in this world, as well as insulting yourselves. Heroes are above villains, villains are inferior to heroes and they're even inferior to regular people.

If you're not one of them, I advise to have nothing to do with these people. Do not talk to them, if you see them on Facebook, block them and do not talk to them. They have no intention of being your friends, even if they say they do or act nice to you at this time. Any time you talk to them, you do nothing but keep them more motivated to stay around longer, and just because they don't bother you, doesn't mean that they won't bother other good people out there who don't deserve to be bothered.

If you are one of them, do not send me friend requests, I won't add you. Do not talk to me, I want nothing to do with any of you. Do not speak for me nor about me, you're not legitimate sources to speak for me. I don't talk to you so you won't have the chance to know me personally enough to find out what kind of person I am.

None of us are perfect but we don't need supposed real life supervillains saying how bad we are or all kinds of lies about us. Nor do we need them to "call out the heroes on their s***" because I kind of like to hear about when heroes talk some crazy talk, many of the craziest people in the real life superhero community are the ones who make it the most interesting, and are also some of the bravest and most loyal and heroic people I've ever known.

I was around this community before it even existed. I watched it slowly grow from very few of us, to how many hundreds of us there are today. I used to notice in the very early days of the RLSH Community, we never heard from RLSV around 2006 and 2007. In 2008, a few would pop up on MySpace every few months, but for the most part, most of the RLSH ignored them, and those RLSV got bored and went away. In 2009, you see more RLSH becoming friends with more RLSV (or so they think) just because some of them made some entertaining videos on YouTube. They started treating the RLSV like a legit thing. That's when the Villains began to infiltrate the Real Life Superhero Community, causing nothing but unnecessary problems. And there's this false misconception that they are only here keep the RLSH in check, and/or serve as a balance. That's a load of crap. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. That's like saying that the job of a criminal is to keep the police in check. In countries where that happens, those police are corrupt and often paid off, not only so that the criminals can roam free, but also be protected by them. And what purpose do RLSH serve, if not to stop villainy?

If you're an RLSH, don't let yourself be manipulated by them. They will make you think that if you're their friend, you won't be bashed by them. And if you're not bashed then everyone will like you and you'll be popular, thus, a successful RLSH.

That couldn't be more untrue. The success of an RLSH isn't based on how popular one is, but rather by the positive changes they make for others in this world. These RLSV have no intention of actually being your friend, and the second that you're not popular, or are too popular, or that they feel like having a little fun, they will turn their backs on you in a heart beat. And then when you wonder why you were betrayed by them, they'll be like "It's ok, I'm a Villain. What did you expect?"

Fame and Popularity can serve as a tool for any RLSH, but I don't believe it should ever be an end goal. And I don't like seeing it change people. It is more heroic to be hated just for being someone's friend, than it is to be liked just for being someone's enemy. That's one thing that isn't really understood by most yet.

There's also another misconception out there that evil is only here to make us stronger. That's false. Evil is not here to make you stronger. Evil has no intention of making you stronger. Evil wants to make you weaker. Let God make you stronger, you'll find no greater source of power than God. God is the one who lifts you up when evil pushes you down. God gives you the strength you need to battle and destroy evil.

Do not glorify evil, even for the sake of humor. Those small ripples will create tsunamis over time. And you'll wish you had not done that.

Do not accept evil. Do not justify evil. Do not make excuses for it nor try to explain it to me about why it's okay. Stop it now while you can. Because if things keep continuing the way they are, eventually more people will be inspired to be evil. And the thing about that is that they won't imitate nor emulate the seemingly less harmful types of evil. They will look to make a name for themselves in going above and beyond that.