Thursday, June 2, 2011

Exposing False Heroism

I'm not going to tell any of ya'll what to do or what not to do. But I will tell you this... That this is how NOT to be a Superhero... Whether you want to be an actual superhero or a fake superhero is up to you, I'm just showing you the difference between false heroism & real heroism. I'm going to use a few made up examples, using humor to make some really good points in pointing out false examples of heroism that are being praised out there, while real heroism gets condemned, by some of the very people who claim to the title and get glorified for it. And people fall for it a lot. I'm here to expose it.


Greetings, Citizens and Fellow Super Heroes,

This is The Cellphone Sentinel speaking! Last night I patrolled with my partner on my Cellphone Avengers Team, known as Citizen Special! Even though I'm 3 lbs overweight, I figured I should patrol anyway, because my weight doesn't matter, you don't even have to try that hard to be a super-hero it's really easy, just as long as you mean well and have a flashy costume, a cool name, and a good working cellphone, that's really all you need in order to be a superhero.

Anyway, Citizen Special and I patrolled only two hours from 8:00PM to 10:00PM.

At 8:22PM, on 12th Street, in the middle of my city, we got laughed at by a few bystanders. A few women pointed and laughed at us... I think they liked us. The rest of the patrol was pretty boring. I was thinking to myself, "Man, I wish there'd be some crime for us to stop tonight!"
So, anyway, at around 9:43PM, little Billy was getting attacked on the corner by some crazy punk with a knife. "HELP ME, CELLPHONE SENTINEL! HELP ME! I'M GETTING ATTACKED!" Just then, me, having the fastest cellphone dialing finger on the east coast, tried to call 911, but my phone battery was low, so Citizen Special used his cellphone instead, dialed 911.

"911 What's your emergency?"

"Greetings, good citizen! I'm Citizen Special! Perhaps you've heard about me from the latest issue of the Times Magazine, or seen me in my latest-----"

"----Sir, what's your emergency?"

But unfortunately, it was too late for Little Billy. He was already dead. Blood everywhere. The stupid punk with the knife threatened Citizen Special with the knife and told him "Gimme your wallet, punk!" But Citizen Special didn't want to make matters worse. His life is worth more than all the money in his wallet. Plus, he didn't want to get his costume ripped, it costed him a lot of money!

I figured I would do the smart thing since superheroes need to be smart, so I ran away, and looked for the nearest pay phone I could find!

Citizen Special and I found each other about 15 minutes later. There was another woman who needed help finding her missing kid, but Citizen Special and I were really shaken up and it was coming to the end of our patrol so we decided to go home.

I think it was a successful patrol. Even though there was a casualty, we did the right thing.


Meanwhile, they end up posting this on some unnamed forum for other people who think they are superheroes. They were praised for their bravery in the face of danger and did the right, smart thing, and made it home safe. They were comforted by the words of people telling them that bad things like that are likely to happen every now and then, and that they can't really do anything about it.


Then, one day it turns out that Master Legend was out on his way to work for some people who needed a skilled man to do some tree work that day at a certain place. Master Legend had a weird feeling that he should go down this certain road, even though it was out of his way and he was already running a few minutes late because he had to help an elderly neighbor with an injured arm bring in their groceries, so he went and made a right turn through this one neighborhood anyway. He sees smoke so he gets to the location quick. There's no way inside the small apartment building, so he runs and jumps right through a window, breaking right through it. He quickly gets through all the rooms, kicking down doors all over the building, luckily he was able to help save every single person in the building and get them all outta there in time, not a single person there was hurt, thanks to Master Legend jumping in to action, but unfortunately, Master Legend did suffer a few cuts and bruises, and some burns on his arm, but this kind of stuff was nothing new to him.

So, he arrives at work, gets there about 25 minutes late. "Sorry I'm late, man! I had to save some people from a burning building." A few people laughed at him saying "Yeah right", but the boss man just shook his head, and with an impatient and annoyed attitude responded "Well, you're late. Are you still gonna work?" But not a single one of them asked him if he was alright, nor the details of what happened, nor did any of them seem to care.


Master Legend posts about this on his Facebook. Everyone puts him down as crazy, stupid, dangerous. They make claims that he was breaking and entering, that he should've just done the smart thing and call 911, because that would have been the right thing to do. That he could've gotten himself or someone else really badly hurt, or even killed, and that he was getting in the firefighters way and that he should'a just let them do what they were trained to do. People start making threats against him also begin to turn against him because now it's the popular thing to do, and nobody wants to be associated with him (except for a few loyal friends), because being his friend is bad for their public image. Because a lot of them would rather look like a hero to the world, rather than be a hero, in the eyes of God.


Oh wait, what's that? President Obama nominates Master Legend for the Presidential Citizen's Medal?

The second highest civilian award in the United States? Yes. Oh, look! Now all the supposed-superheroes who put him down are all trying to be his friend because now it's the cool, popular thing to do and they're claiming that they never meant any disrespect to him before.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The best episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" ever!

I saw this episode some months ago, and it was the best one ever.

From what I remember of it, it started out with someone going to a crack house and buying some crack, while some middle aged man near by puts on like a ski mask, lights up a bottle, runs up to the door, throws the lit bottle inside there, and runs, then the whole place goes in flames and blows up.

The gang leader told the guys that he wanted to know who was the one who blew the place up, and that there would be a reward for the guy who spotted the guy who did it. One of the guys in the gang while driving through the neighborhood spotted out the guy. So the gang leader told the gang member that his reward would be that he'd let him shoot and kill them. One weekend while that man with his wife and their grand-daughter were walking to church, they drove by and shot them all. The only one with any serious injuries was the grand-daughter. Just a young girl.

So, she's in the hospital, appears to be in pretty bad shape, the Doctors think there's a pretty good chance she won't pull through. So, it was either the mother or grandmother who is there with the young girl in the hospital room, as she is squirming around, trying to gasp for air, and appears to be in a lot of pain, while the other female relative is watching, scared. Just then the little girl stops moving and the machines get a flat line. The woman then starts crying, and praying to God, saying that she's too young to go and to please try to give her another chance. Then she goes silent.

Just then, a few moments later, the girl kind of flinches and ends up starting to breathe again, she appears very happy and calm. She explained how she had died and met her angel but her angel told her that she had to go back, that she had more work to do.

Since it was a pretty dangerous neighborhood they all lived in, the girl does exactly what her angel guided her to do. And supposedly her angel would still maintain communication with her after she came back to life. She went to try to set up a large prayer meeting. She would go around town giving out flyers to people. She gave one to a skeptical prostitute who tried to act polite but didn't take the girl too seriously, and as the girl with all her friends and family walked away, the prostitute crumpled up the piece of paper... then stopped... thought about it, then uncrumpled it up, and read it.

She even gave one to the very man who shot her, and whispered something in his ear after she gave him a piece of paper and walked away. The gang leader asked the gang member who shot her and the girl gave him the flyer to, what she said. Then in a paranoid way asked him again what she said. The gang member said "She said.... 'I forgive you'." You can tell that the man who shot her appeared to have seen the error of his ways now.

The gang leader was getting paranoid and angry, and eventually tried to shoot and kill the girl himself, BUT, just then, the man who had originally shot her and killed her the first time she died, had jumped between the girl and the gang leader who was shooting at her now. This time he took the bullet for the girl, he gets sent to the hospital, and the girl goes to see him in the hospital, along with the Walker Texas Ranger guy played by Chuck Norris, and the guy told the girl "You know I'm the one who shot you, right?" The girl was just like "Not anymore." So they made their peace. And, it appears that while in the hospital, this man died and came back, and also saw the angel that the girl saw.

The time I destroyed a demon in late 2010

In late 2010, for a few months, there was a woman in the Real Life Superhero Community known as Trinity, who had an ex who was in to voodoo and black magic type of stuff. Trinity got really sick all of a sudden and ended up staying sick for like about 2 or 3 weeks, and believed that a curse was put upon her.

So, I meditated, and went into the metaphysical state, I asked God to give me my metaphysical sword and to back me up with an Army of Angels, so then I went and saw Trinity in the metaphysical state. I saw a big fat black snake wrapped around her neck. I stabbed it with my metaphysical sword and in the name of Jesus, casted it away and destroyed it.

The next morning, Trinity sent me a text message, saying that when she woke up that morning, that she noticed that she was entirely healed, and thought of me for some reason. Then I explained to her what I did.

But really it was because of the help from others who taught me about this kinda stuff. Master Legend who always taught me about real metaphysical archangel powers, Wall Creeper who taught me how to effectively astral travel, Nyx who taught me about spiritual defenses, and Ecliptico who taught me a lot about supernatural abilities.

Anyway, in the next few weeks after that, I started having all kinds of bad luck from demonic attacks. Everything I owned started getting broken or lost, mostly everyone I knew started to turn against me for the stupidest reasons that were either lies other people said about me, or things I had nothing to do with, and had no control over.

I always notice that when Gods sends Angels and Archangels to Earth, that they always perform all these great miracles for people and do all kinds of good, but despite that, still go through all kinds of suffering. If you've ever seen the movie the Green Mile, different situation, but same idea.

However, there were other certain things I did to take care of these problems. God also told me that 2011 would be a really good year for me, and so far it has been.

Sometimes they say that the darkest hour is just before dawn. And it's true.