Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I created Phoenix Jones

In late 2010, I got tired of the enemies who condemned me, were getting famous. And they condemned me and Master Legend. So I wished Phoenix Jones into existence. If I did not do that he would probably not exist. But he served his purpose. The media needed to focus less on the watered down heroics and more on the dangerous stuff. People needed to see how dangerous it could be. Those who were doing it for ego needed to be out of media.

Phoenix Jones helped put things back on the path of being interesting again, with the help of the media.

But then my creation got too powerful, and his ego got a little too big, and he decided to alter the truth to fit his own truth.

First, he has a cop mentality. I created him to be like Samuel L. Jackson in a batsuit. But instead he wants to be like Robocop.

I have to correct the world about certain lies he made.

1- He claims he is the first crime fighting superhero in the world. That is a twisted lie. He is a newby who started in 2010. Some may say 6 years is a long time but not for those of us doing this for decades. The Real Life Superhero Community started to come together around 2005 and 2006, and before then too but scattered. There is tons of media proof of this to debunk his lie.

2- He claims he is the best superhero in the world because of how many people he arrests. First of all, Master Legend is the best and greatest superhero in the world. And Master Legend and I realize superheroes are not cops, we do not arrest people. Superheroes are not supposed to be about law and order, but about freedom, justice.

3- He lies and assumes other people do not patrol as often as him because they do not film every single thing. Some of us did this before the internet was even really a thing. I am not all about that whole, pics or it didn't happen, thing. I know how interesting my life is because I lived it. No one else did. But either way, patrol hours do not make you a superhero. Cops go by hours, Superheroes should be random and mysterious if they are using smart tactics. And there is no off switch to this.

He does not seem to care if people defend him for years, those people get ignored, but those who condemn him for years, he really seemed to care more about them more.

He cannot handle the fame. It has gotten to his head.

No, I won't condemn him for things I defended him for before. Because I still believe what I said before when I did defend him. But, tired of the lies and flaky attitude. And also tired of him trying to enforce this cop like, law and order attitude to superheroing. During peaceful protests, why side with government over the people? Government is supposed to serve the people, not control them.

I miss the old Phoenix Jones. He was more fun. I did not even mind the ego at all, just the lies to make him look good and everyone else look bad.