Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The best episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" ever!

I saw this episode some months ago, and it was the best one ever.

From what I remember of it, it started out with someone going to a crack house and buying some crack, while some middle aged man near by puts on like a ski mask, lights up a bottle, runs up to the door, throws the lit bottle inside there, and runs, then the whole place goes in flames and blows up.

The gang leader told the guys that he wanted to know who was the one who blew the place up, and that there would be a reward for the guy who spotted the guy who did it. One of the guys in the gang while driving through the neighborhood spotted out the guy. So the gang leader told the gang member that his reward would be that he'd let him shoot and kill them. One weekend while that man with his wife and their grand-daughter were walking to church, they drove by and shot them all. The only one with any serious injuries was the grand-daughter. Just a young girl.

So, she's in the hospital, appears to be in pretty bad shape, the Doctors think there's a pretty good chance she won't pull through. So, it was either the mother or grandmother who is there with the young girl in the hospital room, as she is squirming around, trying to gasp for air, and appears to be in a lot of pain, while the other female relative is watching, scared. Just then the little girl stops moving and the machines get a flat line. The woman then starts crying, and praying to God, saying that she's too young to go and to please try to give her another chance. Then she goes silent.

Just then, a few moments later, the girl kind of flinches and ends up starting to breathe again, she appears very happy and calm. She explained how she had died and met her angel but her angel told her that she had to go back, that she had more work to do.

Since it was a pretty dangerous neighborhood they all lived in, the girl does exactly what her angel guided her to do. And supposedly her angel would still maintain communication with her after she came back to life. She went to try to set up a large prayer meeting. She would go around town giving out flyers to people. She gave one to a skeptical prostitute who tried to act polite but didn't take the girl too seriously, and as the girl with all her friends and family walked away, the prostitute crumpled up the piece of paper... then stopped... thought about it, then uncrumpled it up, and read it.

She even gave one to the very man who shot her, and whispered something in his ear after she gave him a piece of paper and walked away. The gang leader asked the gang member who shot her and the girl gave him the flyer to, what she said. Then in a paranoid way asked him again what she said. The gang member said "She said.... 'I forgive you'." You can tell that the man who shot her appeared to have seen the error of his ways now.

The gang leader was getting paranoid and angry, and eventually tried to shoot and kill the girl himself, BUT, just then, the man who had originally shot her and killed her the first time she died, had jumped between the girl and the gang leader who was shooting at her now. This time he took the bullet for the girl, he gets sent to the hospital, and the girl goes to see him in the hospital, along with the Walker Texas Ranger guy played by Chuck Norris, and the guy told the girl "You know I'm the one who shot you, right?" The girl was just like "Not anymore." So they made their peace. And, it appears that while in the hospital, this man died and came back, and also saw the angel that the girl saw.