Sunday, May 29, 2011

How Dreizehn helped us probably prevent a rape

Someone recently asked me about the Oracle Team, and then I thought of this certain incident. But first before I tell you what happened, I kinda gotta start from the beginning a little bit so you know where I'm coming from with certain things. I'll try to sum up the beginning details so I can get to the details more relevant to this blog entry.

During my first few months of running the Heroes Network, in mid 2007, I decided to create a team of people who had and/or wanted to develop psychic abilities, so that they could use those abilities to try to prevent accidents, crimes, and also find wanted criminals and missing people - things like that. I decided to call it the Oracle Team. I was already too busy running the Heroes Network, so I figured I could make the team as like a certain department of the Heroes Network, and I could appoint a Leader to run it for me, and with the OT Leader's advice and the HN President's consent, we also have an OT Assistant Leader to help them run it.

These seemed like (for the most part) good times for the RLSH Community. People were mostly working together, were able to respectfully disagree with each other instead of argue, insult, harrass, and threaten each other over them. When ever there arguments, they were always settled in like a week or so and then everyone got along much closer than before. There was a true sense of family/warrior-type camraderie in the RLSH Community, the kind you usually only see, feel, witness, or experience, in the military (not that I want to compare it to being like a military - but you get the point). People were more focused on doing what real heroes mainly were born to do - protect people and fight evil. But we also knew when to joke around and have fun with each other as well. It felt like a pretty good balance of seriousness and fun.

The Oracle Team had been through a few Leaders over time. In spring, 2008, it was run by Wall Creeper as the OT Leader, with Nyx as the OT Assistant Leader. And I will say, they did a DAMN good job at running it. There were chatroom meetings every week, there were conference calls all the time. They had provenly accurate psychic abilities and good leadership skills. There were also other skilled members of the team - at that time - like Dreizehn, Slapjack, Master Legend, Ecliptico, Shaaaaadow Haaaaare, Entomo, Max Mercury, Foxfire, Mr. Strange, Black Arrow, Zeitgeist. Pardon me if I'm forgetting anyone else who was on the team at that time, but anyway that was the team for the most part.

Anyway, one day, Dreizehn calls me up, freaking out, telling me about how she was supposed to take a flight from Texas to Florida, but had either a bad dream or a vision about there being a crash in some kind of mountains or something. I suggested that she cancel her flight, and she agreed to it. I also told her to warn them about it, even though we both had a feeling they'd probably be skeptical about it - and we were right - we figured it'd be the right thing to do anyway.

A few days later, I turned on the news and saw that there was a plane crash in Florida on SOME mountains. Wasn't sure if that was definetely her flight, or even one from Texas, but she did accurately predict that there would be a plane crash.

So, some time within the next week or two, Dreizehn had another vision, about there being a rape, I decided to notify the OT Leaders and have them get everyone on board with this. A bunch of us on the OT who were in the United States all got in to both the old OT Chatroom, and Wall Creeper decided that people be set up in pairs and call each other on the phone - while all of us each using google maps for the general area that Dreizehn predicted, all seeing if we could get a feel on this. I don't remember all of who paired up with who on that conference call, but, I do remember that I was on the phone with Max Mercury that night, he and I were paired up on this mission to see if we could get a feel on an area.

Then it turned out that while even though everyone was split up in to two-person groups but on the same mission, it turned out that everyone was starting to get a feel for the same area, and a similar time, and situation, so we all agreed on the most likely scenario, so we had Dreizehn make an anonymous phone call to the police in that area, and she was even slightly ridiculed by them with a little bit of skepticism at first, but since she was giving an anonymous phone call, she had the right to not give out how she knew about it just as long as she explained to them what the likely situation was, and when & where it might happen, and she told them to check out that area and continuously keep checking that area for the next few hours, at least until it got light out.

We heard of no reports of any rapes from that location, following that OT mission. Whether or any actual rape or attempted rape was prevented or not, we're not sure. But I still wanted to make sure that this story was told.