Sunday, May 29, 2011

One of the first times I kicked someone's ass. Plus, a lesson in life!

I was in middle school at this time, there I was, sitting in lunch, minding my own business, not bothering anyone, and there was this ugly fat kid sitting to the left of me - he looked like Granpa Munster. He picked up one of my lunch snacks - which were just a little bag of goldfish crackers, crumbled it right there in front of me and laughed in my face.

So I grabbed his hair with one hand, quickly yanked his head straight back and downward, punched that motherfucker in the eye. Everyone stopped what they were doing because I had for the most part usually been friendly to people. They were shocked and surprised.

He stopped laughing REAL fast. His eyes got all red and he was quietly sobbing to himself, trying not to cry. I calmed down for a second but then the rage came back again and then I punched him a few more times. He didn't say or do a damn thing to me again for the rest of that lunch time.

In the locker room later before gym, he tried attacking me again, I wasn't really in the fighting mood now so I went into this zen mode. You might've seen me do this in my YouTube video at where Apocalypse Meow kicked me in the balls, where my body sort of freezes in to this position and I get this crazy man wide-eyed look on my face, you could probably shoot me and it wouldn't effect me, until after I came out of that mode.

So the guy goes to throw the first punch at me but just then I go into full zen mode - kinda like a Jedi - and fully give myself to God - and while I do this, I can feel the guy's motives and where he's going to attack me and how - which was mostly on my stomache area, so it's hard to describe in full detail how I did this but by doing what I did, the guy hurt himself attacking me, perhaps by punching me wrong or maybe my body moved a certain way as he punched me, but by punching me, he ended up hurting his wrist. Nothing happened to me.

So there, I win again. I do remember someone asking me why I didn't fight back that time, I'm all like, "Did I even have to?" He throws all the punches this time and I'm still the one who kicked his ass.

Someone reading this might accuse me of endorsing youth violence. For anyone who is thinking that, don't be stupid, listen to the points I'm trying to teach people through my blogs. It's not so much that I endorse youth violence, but what I am really against is people trying to bully others. And if you go out of your way to disrespect someone, ruin their life, or even just the rest of their day, especially when they never said nor did anything bad to you to begin with, don't you dare get mad at them nor expect sympathy from anyone. You got what you deserved, asshole.

I do see that a lot. Not this specific thing but similar idea. I warn people: Don't fuck with me, I can be a very friendly person, but when fucked with, I can be the most vengeful person. Someone deliberately fucks with me anyway. I try to be fair and warn them because I'm not out to ruin people's lives, but when someone is out to ruin mine, I can get very nasty (but hey at least I'm fair enough to give a heads up about that). I keep trying to be fair and warn them (this depends on who and what this is, obviously) they ignore me (ignoring someone is one of the most disgusting insult you can ever give to both yourself and the person you're ignoring - alongside "Assuming"). Then, the person keeps doing what I kindly ask them not to, and then I strike back worst than they could have ever imagined. Then, they act all shocked and surprised, like I'm the one that did something wrong.

I really wish that people could just learn to see things from my point of view. I see so much stupidity in the world, it disgusts me.