Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prayers should be more than just asking God for help

So often, you'll hear people praying to God, asking for Him to do things for them. And at times, God will be able to do them for you. But, for people who think that praying to God just means asking Him for things, my question is: Is God, the one who is a being of unconditional love and limitless wisdom and power, Someone you just want to constantly take things from and always ask favors from and ignore Him the rest of the time? Is that something you think is fair, to just continuously take from Him? Is that how you show your love to God? The one who has done so much for all of us. Even sent His own son to suffer and die for our sins so that we can able to live forever in the Kingdom in Heaven.

If you're going to ask God for anything, then why not, for once, ask God what you could do for Him? When you pray, ask Him to give you the guidance and the power to do His will for Him here on Earth. For who ever is asking Him for help, to have God guide you to those people, or them to you, or both of you to each other. Glorifying God's good name by doing good for others, protecting people, healing the sick and hurt, saving lives, fighting evil, being a messenger of His by preaching the word of the bible, or just telling others a certain helpful philosophy, or even just making people smile and laugh, or to comfort them in times of sadness. Whatever good you feel drawn to do you know it is because God is guiding you to it. That person you come across who is in need of help in some way, that you're able to help.

There are plenty of people out there constantly praying to God for all kinds of help, all the time. So, in understanding that, why not make God's job easier and help those people? Not only is it not impossible, it's also a lot easier than you would think. God is always speaking to all of us, you just have to choose to listen. And you know He gives you the power to do what He is asking you to do, otherwise He wouldn't ask you to do it.


I say these words to you right now, because I know You can read them. I want to thank You for everything good You've ever done for me, my friends, my family, and all the good people of the world. I understand that countless people are praying to you at this very moment, asking You for help. To make Your job easier, all I will ask from You is to guide me to those people so that I can help them and by doing so, prove to them Your unconditional love for those people, thus letting them know that You really do hear and answer prayers.

And may God bless all of my friends reading this.