Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More things to pray to God for!

This is kind of a follow up to my previous sermon, about people praying to God, which if you haven't read yet, you can do so here:


Now, it's not that it's bad to ask God for help, as long as you're not asking anything while having evil intentions, but one thing that I would encourage people to pray to God for this - in addition to having Him send people who pray to Him for help, and you, to each other so that you can help them, thus glorifying God's good name - is also to pray for God to help others that you notice in the world in need of help. Be it a random stranger you saw on the street who seemed sad or angry, or someone you know who is sick, hurt, disabled in one way or another, going through other types of grief or miseries in their life. Or anything you can think of that is affecting good people who don't deserve to be suffering in such ways.

You could also post openly to people on other social networks you use, to let them know that if they have any prayer requests that aren't motivated by any evil intentions, that they can send them to you and let them know to have faith in God, and also that you WILL pray for them. They can ask you openly or privately, whichever they prefer. Don't be shy or embarrassed to post about that openly, nor to tell people about that in person, neither, because God will be proud of you. The Devil will hate it though, but who cares... Hahaha!

This shows God that you're a good person who isn't only thinking about yourself, that in addition to Him helping you out when you need it, that you also want such blessings to be shared with others as well.

I'm also gonna post another blog entry about this as well, but I also want to add this into this blog entry too. I want to invite any of my friends here to share any prayer requests you may have, either openly here in this blog, or if you prefer, you can also send it to me privately in an email. If you don't have it, it's Tothian(at)msn(dot)com - and again, as long as it's nothing evil, I will say a prayer for you.