Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Real Life Supervillains

Whether you want my advice or not, you're the one reading my blog so I'm going to give it to you.

If you call yourself an RLSV or aspire to be one, give it up. This isn't a joke and there is nothing funny about you. And you serve as an insult to all that is good in this world, as well as insulting yourselves. Heroes are above villains, villains are inferior to heroes and they're even inferior to regular people.

If you're not one of them, I advise to have nothing to do with these people. Do not talk to them, if you see them on Facebook, block them and do not talk to them. They have no intention of being your friends, even if they say they do or act nice to you at this time. Any time you talk to them, you do nothing but keep them more motivated to stay around longer, and just because they don't bother you, doesn't mean that they won't bother other good people out there who don't deserve to be bothered.

If you are one of them, do not send me friend requests, I won't add you. Do not talk to me, I want nothing to do with any of you. Do not speak for me nor about me, you're not legitimate sources to speak for me. I don't talk to you so you won't have the chance to know me personally enough to find out what kind of person I am.

None of us are perfect but we don't need supposed real life supervillains saying how bad we are or all kinds of lies about us. Nor do we need them to "call out the heroes on their s***" because I kind of like to hear about when heroes talk some crazy talk, many of the craziest people in the real life superhero community are the ones who make it the most interesting, and are also some of the bravest and most loyal and heroic people I've ever known.

I was around this community before it even existed. I watched it slowly grow from very few of us, to how many hundreds of us there are today. I used to notice in the very early days of the RLSH Community, we never heard from RLSV around 2006 and 2007. In 2008, a few would pop up on MySpace every few months, but for the most part, most of the RLSH ignored them, and those RLSV got bored and went away. In 2009, you see more RLSH becoming friends with more RLSV (or so they think) just because some of them made some entertaining videos on YouTube. They started treating the RLSV like a legit thing. That's when the Villains began to infiltrate the Real Life Superhero Community, causing nothing but unnecessary problems. And there's this false misconception that they are only here keep the RLSH in check, and/or serve as a balance. That's a load of crap. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. That's like saying that the job of a criminal is to keep the police in check. In countries where that happens, those police are corrupt and often paid off, not only so that the criminals can roam free, but also be protected by them. And what purpose do RLSH serve, if not to stop villainy?

If you're an RLSH, don't let yourself be manipulated by them. They will make you think that if you're their friend, you won't be bashed by them. And if you're not bashed then everyone will like you and you'll be popular, thus, a successful RLSH.

That couldn't be more untrue. The success of an RLSH isn't based on how popular one is, but rather by the positive changes they make for others in this world. These RLSV have no intention of actually being your friend, and the second that you're not popular, or are too popular, or that they feel like having a little fun, they will turn their backs on you in a heart beat. And then when you wonder why you were betrayed by them, they'll be like "It's ok, I'm a Villain. What did you expect?"

Fame and Popularity can serve as a tool for any RLSH, but I don't believe it should ever be an end goal. And I don't like seeing it change people. It is more heroic to be hated just for being someone's friend, than it is to be liked just for being someone's enemy. That's one thing that isn't really understood by most yet.

There's also another misconception out there that evil is only here to make us stronger. That's false. Evil is not here to make you stronger. Evil has no intention of making you stronger. Evil wants to make you weaker. Let God make you stronger, you'll find no greater source of power than God. God is the one who lifts you up when evil pushes you down. God gives you the strength you need to battle and destroy evil.

Do not glorify evil, even for the sake of humor. Those small ripples will create tsunamis over time. And you'll wish you had not done that.

Do not accept evil. Do not justify evil. Do not make excuses for it nor try to explain it to me about why it's okay. Stop it now while you can. Because if things keep continuing the way they are, eventually more people will be inspired to be evil. And the thing about that is that they won't imitate nor emulate the seemingly less harmful types of evil. They will look to make a name for themselves in going above and beyond that.