Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The actions and standards of one superhero do not represent all

I don't like having to tell people the same things over and over again. The actions of one superhero do not represent all of them. We're a Community, NOT a Movement. But that's a good thing. Superheroes are amongst the more diverse categories of people that there is, you can't define all them as a whole with words, but you can witness and experience the actions and good vibes of it all. See my earlier blog post about that Heroic Box Theory.

But I've said this before and I'll say it again. Nobody else represents me and I represent nobody else. I don't care if you tell me "Oh, but the public won't see it that way." Then what good is it ever saying anything at all if one of my most important messages is going to be ignored? I'm not going to sit back at a comment like that and be like, "Alright." I'm just going to try that much harder to try to inform people of the truth, rather than settle for stupid misconceptions.

It's like there are countless gaps that each hero seems to find their own way to fill it the way they know that they were meant to. And sometimes, certain hero's find themselves with missions that contradict each other. It's unfortunate but it does have a deeper purpose behind it, representing a sense of lacking forced conformity.

I hear a lot of talk about how superheroes should hold themselves to higher standards when in their suit (and costumes are for Halloween, NOT for Patrolling). And that could mean countless things, even things that contradict each other. Yes, it's always great when people want to better themselves. BUT, it shouldn't be for the sake of looking good to others, it should be a reminder to themselves, if anything. Well, as for that, taking off the suit doesn't take away the purpose. And what are the higher standards exactly? Fighting against a friend who did something wrong? Or taking their side when everyone turns against them? Are you gonna choose to be a hero for more people? Or are you going to be the hero to one person who needs it more? Or does it depend on what was done exactly? And if so, what kinds of things? My advice would be, know your self and what you believe and don't base your opinions off of what other people will think of you. Don't ever change your beliefs to please the people you respect, because if they are worth respecting, they won't think less of you for your beliefs.

And what I say about how none of us represent each other - unless you give someone the right to represent you, not because of personal bias towards them, but rather because you honestly feel they represent your beliefs and do the same things that you do in the same way you do them. Anyway, that doesn't mean that there can't be camaraderie. The fact that we're all different from each other shouldn't be the thing to divide us, but rather unite us. That's what makes things really interesting. And it's one thing to save the world, but if you can make it fun and interesting for everyone, then you can better motivate it to want to save itself.

And no, while none of us are perfect, I don't think evil should have any place in any of this camaraderie talk I say. That includes the villains and the fake heroes who portray themselves as good on the media but in reality aren't as nice as they portray themselves as. That's another reason I don't want anyone else representing me and I don't represent anyone else, because so many fakes in the media who are too focused on portraying themselves as "good" (even though only like half of them are genuinely good and half of them are not) rather than portraying themselves as they honestly are.

We don't have to put on a false image of perfection - because we're not perfect, but when only the good sides are seen, it shows people that they're hiding something. If we only show the good sides, what do we do, inspire good people who don't need much change, to be good people? We make a better change if we inspire not so good people to be better, and in order to be that, in some ways you'll need to be able to relate to them. People are more inspired by people that they feel like they can relate to in some way. That doesn't mean say everything about yourself, because some mystery is good. But if you're gonna show the world your good traits, are you also prepared to show them some bad traits as well?

By showing both good and bad traits, you will learn who your real friends are. If people only see your good traits, they will like what they interpret of you. And if it's only good, sure they'll like you. But then see how some of them will stop being your friend and stop respecting you once they see some bad traits. Those people aren't real friends, because your real friends will want to be your friends whether they see your good traits or bad traits.

Stay true to yourselves and don't be afraid to be interesting.