Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Heroic Box of 4 Boxes

I've been working on this sort of theory that defines the different aspect of heroism. Each hero can have 3 dots of where they fall in this box. This is pretty much just a rough draft, but it can be evolved over time.

And this is not intended to divide people. If anything, it's to remind us of how we're all united within this box. What I hope for is for it to lead to a sense of helping people realize who they are and what they're meant to do. And the fact that we're all different means that we can all use that to know not if we can work together, but rather how. For example, the ways we are different are the ways we can use to balance each other out. The most common example is if there's a hit and run, who goes after the bad guy and who helps the victim?

Anyway, here's the 3 things that can determine where a person fits in this box, but rather more of a triangle. You can have 3 spots in it, all of which can form a triangle.

1- Skills and things that one is able to do.

2- Actions and things they've done and do.

3- Ideals and goals and things they believe in and what their motivations and passions are.

So each RLSH or even regular people - have a triangle in this box but it depends on

Here's a picture of the box to describe what I'm talking about.

Many people will ask me where do they stand in the box. It's not something I can just say "You're in this spot or that spot" unless I know you really well but even I don't know everything about you. What you're skilled to do, trained to do, able to do. Every single thing you've done in your life, or as your hero-self, or if you count them as the same or separately. Or if you want to take in to account what you most believe in personally and seek to do when you patrol, or what you morally believe in.

Each person's perceptions of an action or actions can be different if you take in to consideration the action itself and how much skill went in to it + how much was risked or sacrificed by the heroes in consideration + the consequences and the perception of the consequences of different aspects of it.

Mixing some fictional and real life examples, someone like The Punisher is in the top right corner of the Top Right box. All he does is kill the bad guys. That doesn't sound heroic so let's look at the Navy SEALs. They killed some Somali Pirates and saved one of the victims they captured. The media referred to those Navy SEALs as Real Life Superheroes. And it's true. But the fact that they killed the bad guys would put them in the top right box, on the top line, and because they saved a victim who was captured and could've been killed, that moves them a little bit more to the middle of that Top Right box.

Someone who is more of an observe and report type, or neighborhood watch type who is also focused on going after the bad guys, but doesn't necessarily have the ability to fight them, or just chooses not to, so they're doing it the easier way and also taking a less hands on approach, but does it in a sense that they give information to the police or even other RLSH's to make sure something is done about it, would be in the Bottom Right box. Someone who is more of a Detective or who fights crime but does it by legal standards would move a little farther up but still in the Bottom Right Box.

For someone who is simply just a good person and wants to help people, a simple make a sad person laugh, hold a door open for a person, help an old lady with her groceries, doing a simple good deed, in the Bottom Left box. When someone starts doing charity and things such as helping feed a homeless person, it moves up but still in the Bottom Left box. Same thing with First Aid. Depending on the severity of the need for help and how much went in to it can move it up between the Bottom Left and Top Left box. Once someone runs in to a burning building and saves someone's life or jumps in to a frozen lake to save someone from drowning or hypothermia or saves someone from being attacked by a shark or something, would move someone to the very Top Left corner of the Top Left box.

For someone who simply sees it as "If someone needs help, I help them." and does anything they can, moves them to the very middle where all 4 boxes meet.

Basically, the top represents above and beyond be it by skill or action. The bottom represents the easier and more simple stuff.

For myself, when you take my training of things I'm trained to do, I'm more trained for combat, so that puts me in the top right box. A little bit of first aid training puts me a little bit to the left part of the Top Right box. And because I consider myself a Protector, I'm in the top right but where the top two boxes meet. Since my focus is on stopping the bad guys, but my motivation is so that the people will be protected.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments