Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There is no such thing as a Hero quitting nor retiring

This isn't intended for me to speak for you as if I knew all of your own personal situations in your lives. There could be things that some of you are not saying for your own personal reasons, and I can understand that.

But, heroism isn't a job. (Some will argue that the military, firefighters, doctors, etc. are - and yes that is true - but even then it's not the job itself it's the individuals doing it) It's something we do because we're needed to do it. The world needs heroes. The goals and mission can change in accordance with what we can do and feel drawn to do, but the world will always need heroes in one way or another.

Since I was born and have always known that I was drawn to do this, I had long hoped for there to be others. Then after several long years of feeling out of place in this world, it all slowly started to form. And there were so few of us. Then over the years it started to grow. So many good friends have come and gone over the years, and I miss my good old friends in the superhero community who aren't doing this anymore or just not around the internet anymore. And if any of my old friends are reading this, I want you all to know that I haven't forgotten about you guys and I would be very glad to hear from you again.

Stay motivated, keep each other motivated, remember why you chose to do this and look at how the world will still need you. There is a lot for us to do. Keep it interesting and keep it real (or unreal, as long as it's interesting, haha) and don't lose sight of a better world that you can create, not as much with the results as much the actions.

I don't wanna hear that anyone is "retired". This is what I think of when people are retired:

Old people sitting around in a rocking chair waiting to die.

Even if you can't do what you want to do nor in the exact ways you want to do it, whether at all or anymore, the question you ask yourself shouldn't be "Can I still do this?" but rather "How can I still do this in some way?"

Even if you're hurt or sick or old or not that strong, you can still learn skills that could still help others in some way.

And even if you're too busy doing other non superhero related things, never deny nor forget the importance of friendship with other superheroes, be it the ones you've known before, or the newer ones who will live a better life and be a better superhero because of the guidance, wisdom, and friendship that you have to offer.

And also take this in to consideration too. Every bit of advice you give to another superhero that they use to help someone else, you are indirectly helping those people through that superhero.

If things didn't go your way and you want to quit because of that, that's like starving yourself because you're hungry. If things don't go your way, that's all the more reason to keep doing everything you can to fix it or make up for it the best you can.

The way of the superhero isn't a job, but rather a way of life. It's who you are and what you're meant to do. It's within you forever whether you like it or not and you can't ignore it, especially while you're still alive and that this is a world that needs more heroes, not less of them.