Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Other Aspects of What Really Are, But Are Ignored

People often take things at face value and ignore the other aspects of something. One of my goals isn't always to "make people think something". Rather, I intend to "show you the way I think" because I believe there's an importance to it.

There are things in the world that exist but are ignored. To give ya'll a few examples, if I were to ask most people what a magnet does, they would tell me that "It attracts". But they're ignoring the aspects of it that are neutral and also push away.

If I were to ask you how many sides there is to a coin, I'm pretty sure that mostly everyone would tell me "Two sides. Heads and Tails." Wrong. There's three sides to every coin. One side, and the other, which, ok sure, are often heads and tails. But people forget the third side of a coin, and that's the edges.