Monday, April 11, 2011

As I seek to expose evil - yes that's right, Tothian Strikes Back

First of all, there are countless evildoers on the planet. But first I must start with the ones that aren't as obvious to the media. While I myself, when in the media, have always tried to portray the eloquent jerk side of me, I hate it when others out there pretend to be these perfect people that they're not.

While I respect the intentions of some, trying to inspire others to be better people, I personally believe that you can inspire more people to do good in the world when you show them that even people such as yourselves - who aren't perfect - can still do good in the world.

I don't need pretend internet blogging supervillains blogging about what a rude guy I am - I can do that perfectly fine on my own. That's who I am and that's the side of me I prefer to show people first. Fucking dumbasses. Nobody can get disappointed in me if they can understand and appreciate me for even my worst traits first. You're only trying to show them what I already show them myself.

Yes that's right. Just because I'm a Reverend - don't expect me to be a nice guy. All I've ever said all along was never set your own expectations of me - I follow nobody's standards but my own. I became a Reverend because God told me to do it - to give that divine wisdom to people, of things they needed to know. Noah himself used to be a murderer and while I'm NOT one myself, that's just an example of how God does work in mysterious ways of give good people who've done bad things, ways to redeem themselves.

There are a few people I can think of off the top of my head, roaming around the RLSH Community - who I don't like. Seriously. At all. I don't think it would be fair to speak their names here, but the actions I will speak of. Besides, I believe I've made it known to those few people who they are. While they've tried to silence my voice or only speak about me in place where I don't have the chance to speak my mind - AFTER pretending to be nice to me, then talking a world of crap about me behind my back - when I saw right through their false kindness from the beginning. The little fat guys in spandex who believe it's more heroic to stand 50 ft away from a woman getting stabbed to death while you can dress up like a super-hero, but just call 9-11  - y'know, looking out for yourself, legally, while a woman fucking gets stabbed to death. You're not a super-hero you're a piece of shit and everybody knows it. Everyone knows about Genovese Syndrome.

Phoenix Jones exposed these types of losers in recent media as the pathetic worthless unheroic jokes that they are, and I celebrated a huge victory that day. The days of fat guys in spandex getting glorified for settling for being less, while those who strive to be more get put down for being crazy and dangerous - ARE OVER! The people see the truth. It's pretty obvious that people will feel safer when they know that an actual real life superhero is patrolling their neighborhood, and not a two-faced cowardly fat nerd in spandex who looks like a troll under a bridge or a miniature santa clause or a garden gnome who will eat a gallon of ice cream while there's a burning building, but while he's dressed up as a superhero, standing a mile away, he'll call 9-11, and while the real superheroes that are the firefighters in this situation arrive, watch this guy take all the credit, whereas if an ACTUAL Superhero ran inside the burning building to, y'know, actually do something superheroic, like, oh, I don't know, actually save everyone in the building, they'll get condemned as being crazy, stupid, and dangerous.

And I'm fucking tired of that crap already. People who try to hold ACTUAL RLSH's back from great acts of heroism - are villains. And it's even worse when they call themselves heroes. I'm tired of people trying to water down the term of actual superheroism, and then having the fucking nerve to get "offended" when I don't glorify someone as a true superhero for being a fat two-faced nerd in spandex who makes a name and puts on a spandex uniform. Well, pardon me. If everyone was a superhero, nobody would be. You gotta earn it. It doesn't just get handed out like candy on Halloween. I don't care who hates me for my opinion because that's just how it is and if you hate me for my opinion then it's because I didn't bow down to you and view you as a hero when you didn't deserve the title. Guess what. I've most likely been doing this a LOT longer than you and might have a lot more training than you, and I still don't call myself a hero. It's up to the protected to grant their protectors the title of superhero. Even when given, it can never be assumed. And no, just making a name & uniform doesn't grant you the title.

Last year I was on patrol in NYC with a bunch of people, and while I was being so alert as to pay attention to every single thing going on around me, someone who looks like a minuature Santa Clause just kept staring at me like he had a little schoolgirl crush on me. Just then a big ole' truck was coming. Instantly without a single thought or hesitation, I pushed him outta the way. While everyone in the group stared at me like I was some great hero who did something awesome, I got really mad and told everyone to quit fucking staring at me. Just remember that, and unless you were there you won't know who I'm talking about but if you were, then you know who I'm talking about and just remember that.