Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oxymoronic Misconceptions, Don't Worry People I'm Here to Correct Them

I know these things because I've been around before what is was is, and my personal connection with God has opened me up to a source of wisdom and enlightenment I can't even begin to explain (LOL, well, I "can", but you get the point), but I see a lot of stupid things being said, but don't worry, because as a Messenger of God, I'm here to correct a lot of the stupidity out there in the world.

There are a lot of people out there who do things semi-similar to how I do things. Referred to as Real Life Superheroes, they're each unique in their own way. Me personally I don't really like to be called that. I'm Tothian, I'm too unique to be classified. So, I kind of get annoyed when I see people speaking for a community of people that aren't really supposed to be spoken for. There will always be something people disagree with. While there's organizations or teams within the community - as a whole, it's not an organization, and it's not a movement - and because of the vast level of diversity you'll see, nobody can represent anyone but themselves - be it for better or for worse.

Just as for better or for worse, I represent nobody but myself. And also for better or for worse, nobody else represents me. No more of that false "guilt by association" line of thinking, not even the "praise by association". Unless you want to accept the fact that "everyone" is all associated in some way, we're all part of the same story of this world.

A term, or title that is varied based on individual perception, and types and levels of involvement that vary due to the individual's motives that are formed due to personal morals, ethics, goals, life experiences, and other reasons and things that have to due with an individual - nobody can speak for "all of them". Nor should anyone who ever reads, sees, hears of, or witnesses such a thing ever be ignorant enough to group together into a classification. That's called an assumption, and you know what people make when they "assume".

Also, the other thing I wanted to bring up was the term being "Inactive" or "Retired" - there's no such fucking thing. You were born, you're alive. We all die some day but even the spirit lives on beyond that. In my mind, body, and spirit, I'm fully aware of my purpose in life, and I have been from as far back in life as I can remember. That's to protect people and fight evil. There's no such thing as "quitting". I don't even think it's even possible to just stop. Nor would I ever want to even if it was possible. This is who I am and that can't be changed. The specific mission, or specific methods can at times change, but the overall mission and who you are as a whole, never changes. If you are truly serious about this, you will find that it's not just something you decide to do one day just because it sounds like it'll be kinda fun, nor that it's the cool new thing to do. No. It's a calling. It's something you know you have to do, and find yourself reacting in situations before your mind even realizes what's going on. That's how you know it's who you are in spirit. Awake or asleep, alive or dead.

And I want ya'll to know right now that I'm not always posting things on the internet all the time, I'm not usually gonna talk about my patrols nor the things I do out there on the streets and in the world, as I do prefer some level of privacy in my life, even though at times I like to communicate with others and either goof around or share my thoughts or network or whatever. Don't EVER assume I've just stopped being me or stopped doing what I do. Like I said, it's not even a case of could it be possible or impossible - it just doesn't even exist in my dictionary. For light will always be light, even when you cannot see it, and the tree that falls in the forest that nobody hears really DOES make a sound.

If you're observant enough and a deep enough thinker, you will have even noticed that I've kinda contradicted myself in a few places in this blog. I say how you can't speak for everyone, but here I'm telling you how here's how it is for you. Well, as I've said before, the way my mind works it's hard to piece together the thoughts in human words, so I do the best I can.

Anyway, if you're wondering about that, allow me to explain. Each person is different, and is meant to be different, and I believe that that is meant to be fully known and understood. But, I still have my own bold opinions on what is and what isn't as well as what is effective and not effective. The ways of thinking that are best able to determine a person's actions, and help them understand their calling in life. That's the best way I can explain it and that's all I have for now. I hope this clears up some things for ya'll.