Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Contact With The Other Side

It was in late July, 2004, when I was hanging out with my grandmother at her place, she was dying of cancer and we were playing poker as we always liked to do, unfortunately this was the last time we got to do that, and also our last conversation, on earth that is. I could empathically feel that her spirit was slowly starting to separate from her body, it was almost as if my spirit could see it. Anyway, she told me that she didnt think she was gonna be around too much longer, and even how sometimes she would see my grandfather's spirit sometimes. He had died about 8 yrs prior to then, maybe even to the day. Anyway, i told her to visit me after she died, but not to be creepy about it. She laughed (because we got along well since we could always be honest with each other and make fun of each other like that) and she said okay. A few weeks later she died while I was training with my Marine reserve unit that weekend, I didnt even get to find out until the next day after i had been on my way home.

We didnt even have a regular funeral for her. Just me and my dad were there burying her ashes over my grandfather's grave, I'm the one who put her in the grave and buried her myself. And we had a memorial service like a month later. Anyway... it was at least a few times a week i would see her in my dreams. I could always tell it was really her, because of how realistic it always felt, each time. Theres some things in life you just know. Anyway, a few months later, I had a dream i was 5 yrs old again, I ran outside and saw both my grandparents, they had their old car but it looked new again. I got in the backseat while my grandfather drove and my grandmother was in the passenger seat. This is probably the only dream i ever remember having that was so clear and so bright, I felt the happiest, calmest, most peaceful and joyous feeling I had ever felt, it was also so liberating to be that young again and I was so happy to see my grandparents again! I dont remember how that dream ended exactly, but...

After I woke up & I saw my mom I said "You're never gonna believe the dream I had last night!" she looked at me so shocked & amazed, & said "You're never gonna believe mine!" so she told me her dream first. In her dream, I was 5 years old, & my grandmother called her up on the phone & told her that her & my grandfather had gotten a new car & that they were coming over to pick me up. I got chills when she told me that. It was proof enough for me that it was an actual visit & not just a dream, & it also proved to her that all those dreams i was telling her about back then which had been happening at least a few times a week for about a few months, had actually been real, not just me having regular dreams, & not just making things up, neither. About a week or two later, I saw my grandmother again , this time in this clouded scenery and possibly heaven's gates in the background, I specifically remember clearly seeing her face & clearly hearing her voice.

She told me that it was the last time that she would be able to visit me like that. I remembered feeling really sad, but we hugged one more time, I had tears in my eyes and she said not to worry because we would see each other again someday.... Then we waved goodbye to each other and then I woke up, with tears in my eyes. I never saw her again in a dream after that. I did have dreams OF her, BUT it wasnt HER, those didnt look nor feel real they only felt like regular dreams. And even those few dreams werent for a long while afterwards. My grandmother's spirit visited me for about 4 months after she died, at least a few times a week but maybe sometimes more. But, at least i did somewhat get some closure there, and I am thankful that she was able to visit me even after she died, and so did my grandfather that one time and I think even a few years prior to that I went to heaven to visit him and even then I also appeared 5 years old in spirit form.